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Dec 19, 2009 11:18 AM

Double D BarBQue in Oakland...any thoughts

I promised my staff to bring in que for our holiday lunch on Monday and I just found out that Phatt Matt's is closed (on Mondays). That was my go to as it is close by (walking distance). I am willing to drive a little distance for pick up and am not thrilled about E&J. Saw the reviews on Yelp for DD but could not find any threads or mention of it here. Help me hounds as I don't want to disappoint my staff. I guess Tomm's is also an option.

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    1. What do you want precisely? The brisket at Uncle Willie's and the spareribs at T-Rex are the best I know these days.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Was planning on an assortment of meats; ribs, brisket and links. Problem is I am working and have to make a quick trip to pick-up so I am unable to run all over.

        1. re: frangelica

          T-Rex's brisket has been quite good all but one time I've had it. Spareribs are always good. They don't do links. How about pulled pork?

          I'm generally not a big fan of E&J's, but their links are an exception.

        2. re: Robert Lauriston

          T-Rex is open on Monday, but not Uncle Wille's (nor KC's Bar-B-Que)

        3. Anyone been to Chef Edwards lately? That would be closer than Double D.

          Also in the area of Phatt Matt's is LV's Barbeque. Here's my report but I didn't try the cue.

          Phatt Matt's caters. Did you ask them if they could whip something up for you on their off day?

          1. i thought tomm's offerings were dry.......would not repeat
            double d's offerings were good for the value. nice sweet sauce with a little spicyness.
            tender meat, but not much else. no smoke, no other flavoring.
            hours 12 - 7. closed wednesdays.