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Dec 19, 2009 11:13 AM

pumpkin fudge/eggnog fudge

I used to get my Christmas fudge at dairy fresh candies in the north end. Any recommendations for great fudge, particularly pumpkin flavored? inside city limits preferred...

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  1. i know party favors in brookline on beacon street (coolidge corner stop on green line) has a variety of fudge. Can't vouch for the flavors or the quality though their cakes are pretty good. Call them and check. Good luck.

    1. Winfrey's - no relation - (Stoneham and several Essex County locations but online too) has outstanding home-made fudge in many varieties. I discoverd their pumpkin fudge sold by the piece at the cash register in Russell's farmstand in Woburn, which led me to make a trip to Stoneham to try some of the other choices.