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ISO Traditional tagine / couscous restaurants?

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Does anyone know of any restaurants in the area serving traditional Moroccan tagines and couscous meals? I have searched the board without much success.

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  1. Tangierino in Charlestown has both a traditional and a modern menu. The chicken and lamb tagines are delicious. Have never had the fish.

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    1. You can call ahead to Alia in Winthrop and the Moroccan owner will make you a Moroccan tagine to remember.

      1. They do a few good couscous dishes at Cafe Baraka in Cambridge, though my favorite things there are actually the mezze. I've also had a tasty, if pricey, tagine at Oleana.

        1. There's a restaurant called Tagine on Mass Ave by Harvard Square. I haven't tried it though.

          1. i had a nice tagine a few weeks ago at alia in winthrop. it was an off menu item suggested by the owner. a tender braised lamb shank on a bed of creamy risotto surrounded by a medley of fresh vegetables. it worked together well and was a nice melding of italian and moroccan cuisine

            for something more traditional i liked the 7 vegetable couscous at tangierino in charlestown. a giant tagine filled with fluffy couscous and seven different vegetables served with a side of broth. the couscous was hearty and well seasoned and the large cut vegetables really absorbed the flavor. they also have several other tagines on the menu including lamb, chicken, salmon, and duck

            1. There is a small place (Crepe cafe?) that serves couscous. it is more homestyle and inexpensive. My algerian barber recommended it and I'm looking forward to trying it

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                Can you be more specific about the name and location? Do you mean Crispy Crepes Cafe? The reviews I found don't say anything about couscous...

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                  That is the place. I noticed signs in the window for couscous so I'm not imagining this. Haven't tried it yet but will since I always take recommendations from expats seriously.

              2. Don't know if it is traditional, but the seafood Tagine at ZuZu in Cambridge is delicious.