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Dec 19, 2009 10:20 AM

Best place to buy a whole brisket?

I'm planning on smoking a whole brisket for New Years Eve. I need a 10-12 pounder, untrimmed, complete with the massive cap of fat on top - so it stands up to 12 or so hours of smoking. I bought one once at Whole Foods that was pretty good, but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for somewhere around here - 15-20 minutes drive from Silverlake - that would be as good if not better quality, and cheaper. I was at Costco last night with my girlfriend who is cooking an Italian-style brisket for a Holiday party, but she wanted the leaner sort that one cooks in the oven. Costco had good ones for that in the 4-6 lb range, but I didn't see any of the whole beasts of the sort I need.

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  1. Costco Business Center in Commerce (14 miles from Silver Lake) exit Washington off the 5 freeway. They have whole briskets.
    Open 8am-6pm to all members. Closed Sundays.

    1. If they're in LA area, Smart & Final had briskets but didn't check size and cost. They looked huge.

      1. Gelson's has a sale on Brisket at $5.99/ lb right now - not sure how that compares to Costco or Smart & Final, I am guessing it's not a favorable comparison.

        1. I know Samrt & Final & Costco can hook you up. The ones I have seen at Smart & Final are bigger as I recall, maybe 15lbs or so. Never been to the new Costco Business Centers but they should have, do you need a special card or is the regular membership okay. Might want to check with the Mexican or Armenian Markets, Have fun!

          1. Snake river farms has great brisket. It's very fatty.

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              I've never tried the SRF brisket, but their tri-tip is outstanding -- the best I've had.