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Dec 19, 2009 08:57 AM

New Korean BBQ place on Bloor - Miga

Had dinner at the Miga at Bloor & Markham that finally opened this week. Their original location is in Mississauga, but I've never been to that one so I can't compare.

Service seemed a bit slow, but they've just opened and are still hiring waitstaff.

After ordering, they brought out the side dishes - a few communal dishes, and an individual tray for each diner of other side dishes (like the ubiquitous bean sprouts).

We ordered the LA Kalbi and a seafood pancake. The pancake came first and was quite generous with the seafood. For the barbecue, they bring over a piece of fat to grease the BBQ plate - which was very much appreciated after experiencing another Korean BBQ on Bloor which didn't grease the plates at all, causing everything to stick and burn. The meat was good and more or less as expected.

The prices are higher than most restaurants on the Koreatown strip. One serving of LA Kalbi was $20, and a friend ordered a bowl of kimchi stew for $13. I also remember the pancake being around $17. The BBQ was good, but in my opinion the other mains didn't justify paying 2x the price of places a few blocks away. The general ambiance is a bit nicer than the mom & pop Korean places, though, and they have a larger drinks menu.

Overall it was a decent experience. Given the lack of table BBQ choices on Bloor, I'll still come back to Miga when I feel like Korean barbecue in the area.

584 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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  1. Went last friday night - party of 3. Waited close to 1 hour to be seated, and an additional 45 minutes for food (not relaly sure why, as we ordered BBQ, so all they had to do was bring out our raw meat an light the grill). Despite the extremely slow and inefficient service, the foo was good, and the beef top-quality. Definitely worth the few extra dollars in terms of quality... but they have got to get better service!

    1. I went last week and didn't have any service problems, but then the place was practically empty and I flagged down whichever server was closest any time I wanted something! Agreed that the meat selection is very very good, top quality stuff really, standouts included the tongue, the pork belly, and some slivered scallops that were comped to us by the manager.

      I'll definitely go again - AYCE fans will be disappointed by the prices and portion sizes, but I'm more of a quality over quantity type of guy I guess.

      1. Went yesterday for an early dinner with my husband -- must agree with the other reviewers -- good, but not exceptional. We found the service good, the place pleasant and clean (the lighting a tiny bit stark...), with ample sized booths able to fit 6 at least... not too many customers when we were there (we arrived very early).

        There was a complimentary amuse with 3 korean side dishes on a small divided dish (ours were steamed spinach, corn salad and bean sprouts) and 2 side dishes to share(kimchi and marinated julienned daikon radish). We ordered a tempura starter and 2 BBQ meats. The food portions were adequately sized for my appetite. There were 1/2 litres listed for some wines on the wine list, but when we tried to order one, they are actually not offering it. We had a beer and a glass of wine and the bill came out to around $80 including tax & tip -- I think that is not too bad for a night out.

        Two things to note about this place compared with Missisauga location (I've never been -- the waitress told me) -- there is no sushi offerred, and no combo plates for BBQ.

        584 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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          I don't like that there are no combo plates offered either.

          1. re: acd123

            They do offer a bbq combo - 5 meats for $49.95. I presume that feeds 2 people.

        2. Went on Friday night at about 8:00 PM. Had to wait about 20 minutes for a table. The place is clean, if a little generic looking. The service was good - efficient, courteous. They changed grills about halfway through. They also refilled our sides and took away all empty plates to keep our table fairly uncluttered.

          We started with the beef and vegetable fried dumplings, 6 each. These were competent but not remarkable. We then ordered three meats to barbecue - marinated beef, lamb, and duck. All were good quality, with the marinade for the beef and lamb being particularly nice. The sides were the same as mentioned below. The kimchee had a particularly nice zing to it.

          Overall pretty good, but pricier than other spots downtown. Our bill came $90 for three including tip and taxes (we drank no alcohol).

          1. Are they using a gas grill w/ charcoal placed on top or strictly gas?

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