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Dec 19, 2009 08:20 AM

Place to buy preserves lemons?

I don't have time to make preserved lemons, so I was wondering if there is anywhere locally to buy them? Metrowest would be ideal.


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  1. Larger Whole Foods carry them in their cheese area - near the olives. Otherwise, Middle eastern markets - Mt. Auburn area in Watertown or Cedar's/Sabb's in Norwood.

    1. You can also prepare them as you would normally and freeze them overnight and they soften nicely.

      1. I think I saw them in Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge last weekend. Not Metrowest, so call and make sure before you go if you are going to make the trip.

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          syrian grocery on shawmut in the south end, next door to formaggios.

        2. I got them at Haymarket last summer at one of the Middle Eastern stores - the one that carries the olives. I think they are open year round - was hoping make a trip in town to get some myself (along with their wonderful olives!) but I stayed home, sick with a cold.

          1. We got them at the Whole Foods near Newtonville. Thanks!