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Dec 19, 2009 08:13 AM

Finest Watering Holes in the Lansing Area....

My father and I will be getting our "Drink On" this coming week in Lansing and we are wondering where we can find bars that cater to more discriminating taste. Belgians (Aside from Stella) and seasonal Micro's are a big plus. The Tap Room and Tuba Museum have been common stops for us in the past. I have heard there are some good new places near Downtown.

I think we are also looking to spend a few minutes at the the new MBC bar.

We are gonna get out there and try to boost the economy in this sector....what are you doing to help. :)

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  1. Sorry for the delay in a reply but hopefully my recs will help you as you help the economy. Kudos!

    MBC - Lansing outpost of Michigan Brewing Co. Great stuff on draft and the menu is solid. Try the fried whitefish - nice to get Michigan fish with a Michigan beer batter!

    Tavern on the Square - Downtown Lansing. Decent beer list and tapas style menu. Skip the mains and order the donuts.

    Knight Cap (near Downtown, on Michigan). Full bar and a rotating list of beers on draft and in the bottle. Excellent dinner menu. It's rather swanky, so no jeans.

    Sir Pizza (Old Town). I know. It's a mediocre pizza place (the calzones are awesome though) but they have a very interesting selection of beer. Not much on draft but lots in the bottle.

    Old Chicago (Okemos) - I loathe the food at OC but they have 100+ beers from which to choose. Go forth and drink.

    Tuba Museum (Okemos). I love this place. The food is yummy and the beer menu is bigger than the food menu. Takes an hour just to get through the darn thing but it's worth it.

    Happy holidays to you and yours!