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Dec 19, 2009 07:35 AM

late night eats in el paso, tx?

our plane lands that 11:00pm (hopefully!) - any good places that are open late?

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  1. Late, late drunken fare... Chicos tacos.

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    1. re: DallasDude

      Chico's Tacos without a caveat? Dallas Dude, surely you jest! Warning: Chico's Tacos does NOT serve tacos! They serve taquitos, aka flautas, those skinny rolled things like a cigarette tortilla with a thread of filling in the center where tobacco would be. So bottom line, if you want taco tacos, do not go to Chico's. If you want flautas, go on in. This is a restaurant/fast food local chain that people either love or hate. I'm not a fan. In addition to "tacos," they also have "hot dogs." Again, nothing traditional. They cut the wiener in half and serve it on a hamburger bun. How hard is it to get hot dog buns?

      monab, you don't say whether you're arriving in El Paso at that hour for a stay or whether you'll be connecting to a flight the next morning, nor whether you'll be using a taxi or a rental car. Access and exit from El Paso's airport is via Airway Boulevard, which is a main throughway that runs from the airport to Interstate 10. Fortunately for you, Aiorway is crowded with restaurants of all kinds, from Asian to 24 hour breakfast places and fast food places. If you're not looking for something upscale, I like Village Inn. There is one on Airway, and they offer breakfast all day, along with good lunches and dinners, and they also have really good pies of all sorts. When I lived in El Paso, if I didn't want to bake my own pies, I would get them from Village Inn. It's a smallish chain that covers El Paso and New Mexico.

      How late restaurants will be open will have a great deal to do with what night of the week you'll be arriving. If you'll be staying in a hotel near the airport, most of them have nice dining rooms and good room service. Most motels in the area are next to or very near restaurants that keep late hours or may even be open around the clock. Hope you find what you're looking for, and have a good flight!

      1. re: Caroline1

        Hey there
        thanks for the "dimensionalization" of Chico's (hummm, we'll think about it ;)).
        We're actually arriving on Christmas Eve night - i know, not a great night for late night eats, but it is what it is...
        we are just passing through, picking up a rental car, staying the night, and then moving north to new mexico.
        if anyone has any specific recco's given our circumstances, i'd be v v grateful!!!
        thanks again

        1. re: Caroline1

          11 PM on the eve is cutting it close. Caroline is right airway is the main strip from the airport to the hwy with hotels along the area 1) The cattle baron has good food at good prices eachtime I eat there I enjoy it, 2)Village Inn has a good meal if you like something simple ,3)Chilies is friendly and good but service can be slow when the male workers are flirting with the female workers, 4) Jaxons is closer to the hwy, Here the mexican food is real tasty, 5)over Geronimo Drive is Seafood galley it was owned by another person doing good but close to the end it was getting a bad reputation then someone stepped up and cleaned the place up and started producing good food it had been a long time since I returned there but something just nagged me till I did, I am glad I did, the place had really opened up without all the fish tanks the staff was great. I ordered the ribeye and shrimp dinner for $7.99 nice thickness, juicy, cook perfect. The shrimp batter told me it had a desire to become something better than something you see on chicken fried steak or poorly battered fried chicken other then the batter the jumbo shrimp was cooked and not too bad.
          Chico's Tacos are all the talk in El Paso just cheap deep fried food that becomes soggy after the watered down salsa gets on it pounded down with cheese. But yea if you been out all night drinking this is the place to go. Like the nights when we were teenagers driving the loop or mainstreet stopping at the local Knoxx diner/arcade or drive-inn seeing all our friends.

          1. re: chime

            Agreed, the soupy red sauce and the pound of shredded fake cheese is an addiction that is started by that marvelous gateway drug, cheap beer. Now when i am in El Paso, I enjoy a round of the the tacos day or night.

        2. re: DallasDude

          monab, I'm curious where you ended up eating? Hope it was a great trip and a wonderful Christmas!

        3. It's really too bad your plane doesn't arrive several hours earlier. It's about an hour's drive from the airport to Old Mesilla, New Mexico, a suburb of Las Cruces. On Christmas Eve they hold a huge luminaria show with live Christmas music on the old historic plaza. If you've never seen luminarias, they are something to see. It's what the Southwest did for outdoor Christmas lights before electricity. You take a paper "lunch bag," put a couple of inches of sand in the bottom and a votive candle in the center. Then you set them out in rows outlining walks and roof tops,, walls and gardens very much the way electric strings of Christmas lights are used today, except the warm glow of luminarias is far more charming. In snow, they are breathtaking! Tamales are traditional Christmas Eve fair in this part of the country. When we first moved to El Paso in 1979 many people in the upper valley decorated with luminairas (they're only lit on Christmas Eve, and traditionally allowed to burn until the candles sputter and die), and the kids and I would pack up the car with blankets, a thermal container of both sweet and savory tamales and a huge thermos of hot chocolate. That was our Christmas Eve dinner while we drove around enjoying the liuminarias, Christmas carols on the car's audio system. Sort of mid-90's people started putting out electric lights with the luminarias and it was not a winning combination.

          I can't tell from the boards you participate on where you live (Canada or US?), but if there's some chance of returning to the area next year, you might think about arriving in time to make the celebration in Mesilla. It starts around 7:30 and is an old and special tradition in the area.

          In fact, you don't say how far into New Mexico you're going -- my guess would be not too far north, lest you'd be flying in to ABQ -- so if your flight isn't long and exhausting, you might think about driving to Las Cruces so you have a shorter trip Christmas morning. There are lots of good restaurants in Las Cruces too, but your hours may be restricing. Anyway, have a GREAT trip!