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Dec 19, 2009 07:35 AM

Manhattan - Visiting Today Hopefully Recs

We're headed to NYC tonight and very excited. Due to the weather, we are getting in later than anticipated so lost our dinner resos.

Any recs on where to eat? We are staying near Rockefeller Center and heard it would be hard to get cabs tonight.

We're young and want someplace trendy where I can wear this hot dress I just bought :-) We're not going to be going out drinking late so this is our night out. Any recommendations?

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  1. Young and trendy is not easy in the area you are staying. Maybe Vice Versa or Orso would work. If you are staying in a hotel, they should be able to get you a cab, which would allow you to head downtown, where there are more choices. I'm not sure about last minute reservations, but you might try Bar Blanc, Perilla, Degustation, Crispo, Scarpetta.

    1. Maybe Bar Room at the Modern? Otherwise, I'd head downtown.

      1. Hop on the F train downtown and get off at 2nd Avenue. You'll be in the east village then and can take your pick of trendy places -- it'll also be cheaper.