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Dec 19, 2009 07:13 AM

Where can I find ostrich meat in the DC area?

I've seen ostrich on a few menus around town, but haven't been able to find ostrich meat to cook at home. Does anyone know where I can find ostrich meat in DC/NoVA? Thanks!

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  1. I recall seeing it in the frozen section at Whole Foods near King Street Metro, but that was a while ago.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      Thanks - I've tried Whole Food Clarendon, and they didn't carry it - I'll try the King Street location. Thanks!

      1. re: pamelak52

        Definitely call first. I saw ostrich "steaks" in the frozen section a few months ago.

    2. Do a google search of Va and ostrich egg/meat/farm. I was curious about eggs a while ago and found out that there are several ostrich and emu farmers in central Va and edges of northern Va. There is a Va dept of Ag, or farmer's association that pops up with lots of listings, also has a contact number so you could talk to someone. Their meat probably travels with traditional meat to DC/NoVa area butchers, and they can tell you which ones and when. Give Butcher's Block a call also (there was a recent thread about specialty area butchers w/ other options), they seem able to supply anything.

      If you're going to cook it for the novelty of it, might as well arrange some fresh rather than frozen meat. If you've got the time, and they're open to it, you might even be able to tour the farm and hang out with those giant freaks. If you've got kids, they'll flip for it.

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          Yes, you can get them at Arrowine in Arlington. It is on Lee Highway. They have a meat counter in the back, but the ostrich steaks/patties/whatever are actually in a separate freezer near the checkout line. Besides wine you can get specialty beers, cheeses, etc.

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        1. they have them at wagshals - i would call first. i've also seen them at the giant in van ness.

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            terrific - thanks so much. I'll check out Arrowine and Wagshals!