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Dec 19, 2009 07:06 AM

cold Christmas Eve buffet?

Hi all,
We are trying to do a cold buffet for Christmas Eve-- something we can lay out after church. I am struggling over a protein. Normally I'd think gravlax or smoked salmon/fish and other smoked meats. Trouble is, I'm pregnant. So while I'm normally not super strict about this stuff, I'm not keen on a whole meal of things I'm not supposed to eat. Other thoughts are cold poached salmon, but think it would be farmed this time of year (right?) which I try to avoid. Poached chicken? Any ideas or recipes would be great. We need to have a meat/fish or my FIL will revolt.

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  1. the brits are quite keen on serving roasts at room temp. anything from goose to tenderloin to turkey. you could also keep this warm in a super low oven while you're at services.

    poached chicken is so bland as to be not worth eating, imho, but i love room temp roast chicken.

    not sure where you live, but yhou may be able to get wild salmon frozen.

    what about shrimp?

    1. The first thing that jumped into my mind is roast beef. You can roast it and slice it ahead of time (or buy one or whatever your preference is) then serve it cold for sandwiches - mustards, horseradish, etc. to go with. As long as everyone likes beef I think that could be good.

      1. Beef tenderloin, sliced and kept at room temperature is very good, or a spiral sliced ham with rolls.

        1. See, "Chilled Beef Terrine in the Style of the Gironde Recipe." I'd like to link it, but my computer incompetence prevents me from doing so. (I've GOT to learn how to do that!) Anyway, I googled it using the phrase"beef terrine recipes" and it was the first one on a list of a lot more, none of which sounded as good to me. This is from Paula Wolfert's "The Cooking of Southwest France." Certainly not an easy recipe, but it sounds fun to do and delicious. Good luck!

          1. Cold Shrimp & Oysters....or
            Pork Tenderloin with some of the above mentioned mustards, horseradish, rolls, etc.

            Have Fun!