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Dec 19, 2009 06:07 AM

West 14th environs recs

Will be staying on W. 14th (between 7th and 8th) for 3 weeks after Christmas. Looking for ideas and recommendations for good breakfast places to go to and for good dinner takeout. Thanx!

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  1. City Bakery for breakfast and for pastries any time of the day and for hot chocolate and a nice tortilla soup. It's at 3 West 18th St.

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      Or Birdbath, which I think is a little closer.

    2. La Taza de Oro is around the corner from where you'll be. It has a lot of character, and it serves good, cheap, filling breakfast food and strong coffee.

      1. You're not terribly far away from Chelsea Market, where there's a Sarabeth's branch, Ronnybrook Milk Bar, 202, and Green Table, all of which serve breakfast and/or weekend brunch.

        You can also get items to go at Amy's Bread (bakery) or Jacques Torres (chocolate croissants).

        1. el idolo taco truck on 14th and 8th - great for that late night craving....

          here's my review from another site:

          It was a cold night last night. I had to walk from the free drinks i was having at comix all the way to PDT to meet my cousin for more free drinks. I clearly needed a quick something to gird myself for the walk. What is this I see? a taco truck!!! hooray. I ordered one taco, not the regular taco the one that costs 50¢ more, with the cilantro sauce. I'll be damned if I can remember what it is called. I told them i wanted them to throw on whatever salsa was mas picante. They did. A squirt of lime, and down 14th street i walked, with a perfect, spicy, warm, fresh bit of edible hooray. How good was it? It was so good that i want to live closer to W 14th street. It was so good that as i finished up and turned south on 7th avenue, i contemplated where I could find me some internet so i could yelp about it right then and there. It was so good i was sad that i am rarely in that 'hood, because i need to explore more of their menu. I thought no one could ever fill the hole in my heart that appeared when Paty's taco truck disappeared from the upper east side - and these guys did more than that - that might have been the best single taco i can remember. (hence the 5th star - but that is based on only one item)

          people who stick to the old canard that there is no good mexican food in new york, have not been paying attention to the changes over the last 5 years. people who stick to the old canard that there is no good mexican food in new york, have not been to Taco El Idolo.