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Dec 19, 2009 04:20 AM

Fuji North Wales

While out shopping last night we were driving down Beth Pike and figured we would give Fuji a try. To be honest our expectations were not very high between being in a strip mall, the neon sign, not hearing anything about it, but as soon as we walked in that all changed.

You would never guess that there was a very nice sushi restaurant inside. It's very tastefully decorated with nice wood floors and beautiful stonework at the sushi bar.

As we were looking at the menu we both were very impressed with the sushi chefs' skill and marvelled at the creations that they were making. It was at that point that our low expectations were out the window and we couldn't wait for our meals to arrive.

We started with a spicy tuna tataki that wasn't the typical tataki that we were used to. On top of a bed of cucumber in a light vinegar dressing sat a nice portion of chopped spicy tuna topped with caviar next to a seaweed salad. The combination of flavors was very good.

We had a few rolls, but the names of some of them escape me. The winner of the evening was a lobster roll made with lobster tail on the inside and topped with avocado and lobster tail with a spicy sauce. The roll had a very nice combination of sweet and spicy.

When it was all said and done we had a salad, tataki, 6 rolls and 2 teas for $75.

Fuji absolutely earned a return visit. Assuming we get a comparable meal Fuji has pushed Cho Cho San to number 3 on my regular list.

Fuji Japenese Restaurant
1210 Bethlehem Pike Ste A-4, North Wales, PA 19454

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  1. I really like Fuji - the new decor is gorgeous! They just redid the place over the summer.
    Mondays and Tuesdays they were offering 1/2 price sushi. are they still? (there was a huge banner in the window).
    I really like their green river roll. I can't remember what's in it at the moment, but it's wrapped in a green soy paper (?) wrap. yummy
    now i want sushi, lol!

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      I did not see any sign referring to half price sushi.

      1. re: mitchh

        I am glad you tried the lobster roll. That is my favorite there!

        1. re: crazyspice

          I love Fuji! It is one of my favorite sushi places along with Blue Fin, Ooka, and Cho Cho San.

          FYI, YES they do have 1/2 price sushi rolls on Monday and Tuesday, dine-in only. The list of roles is VERY extensive and it is an EXCELLENT deal. I went with three girlfriends and we ate a lot of roles (probably 7 or 8?), each got a salad and drink, and it ended up being $12 each. It really is a deal. And it's not just your standard tuna roll. They have some special roles for 1/2 off. Check it out!