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Dec 19, 2009 03:06 AM

Would a chef let you into their kitchen?

My gf asked me if we could see the kitchen of this restaurant. I don't want to say what resto; but it's nothing too fancy; just a simple bistro. We have gone to several kitchens before, but that's because I actually had a personal relationship with the chef or sous chef. This place, I just happen to like the food, and frequent enough that the chef knows my name, and has offered to make off menu items before.

I told my gf - "well, we could ask." I feel very weird asking someone that I don't know on a personal level to show me the kitchen. Is this an odd request to make?

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  1. If the chef is proud of his kitchen and it does not interfere with service, there's a good chance he will accommodate your wishes... but only if the restaurant is clean.......if he tells you it's against his insurance policy to do so.....the kitchen is dirty and he lying to you.

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    1. I don't think it's such an odd request. I used to work in restaurants and I LOVED watching a well orchestrated line.

      When all is said and done, it will depend on the chef. A chef who is confident and proud will probably say yes, as long as you are not asking to stand in the middle of the line on a Friday night.

      1. I am back in the kitchen with Chef at our country club all the time. Nothing to hide, place gets a little crazy but they have lots of folks doing lots of things.

        Been back in the kitchen at upscale place in LV, kitchen was absolutely amazing, very impressive.

        1. Be considerate, though. Ask ahead of time, and don't expect to see the kitchen during lunch or dinner hours. And follow the kitchen rules. : )

          1. Can't hurt to ask, nicely.

            But don't be offended if you are turned down.