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Dec 19, 2009 02:41 AM

need enhancement ideas for classic tuna salad

Please share your ideas on adding some unique flavors for standard tuna salad.
I'm tired of just adding onion, lemon juice, mayo and celery.

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  1. How about chopped radishes? Red onion instead of white? Haven't tried this yet but have seen recipes for spicy mustard added to tuna salad. One item I always always add is fresh chopped flat-leaf parsley. Oh, how about some finely chopped mustard greens? Just bought some from farm market and what a blast of flavor, wasabi-like!!! I might start using the mustard green addition instead of the parsley.

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    1. re: Val

      i always use mustard in there.

      diced apples
      julienned radish
      potato cubes
      hard cooked eggs
      white beans
      celery leaves
      smoked paprika
      no mayo -- evoo, hot cherry peppers, olives, capers
      make a niçoise salad

        1. re: rainey

          Me, too, have been using them to dip in hummus these days, but they really brighten up whatever you put them in!

          1. re: Val

            Yes. I cut them off diligently these days when I use celery and put them in a sieve to dry to crumble into everything.

    2. choped sour pickle (not sweet pickle, sugar and fish don't mix well for me)
      drop of sesame oil or sesame chile oil
      tobiko or masago
      ground hot red pepper

      Plenty of threads on tuna salad if you search

      1. My aunt uses dill pickle in her tuna salad; potato salad too...
        I like sweet pickle relish, chopped green or red onion, celery, shredded carrot, chopped hard boiled egg, jalapeno pepper, and mayo with a touch of whole grain mustard...

        For an asian theme, teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger, green onion, crushed wasabi peas or a little wasabi paste and lightly toasted mixed sesame seeds

        1. I always put capers and a little of their juice. Sometimes I put dill weed. Sometimes I mix a can of tuna with a can of sardines. I always buy the imported tuna in olive oil now. If I had a family to feed, I probably wouldn't do that!

          1. My grandmother always made it with apple and onion.

            I make it with chopped boiled eggs and Sechler's candied dill pickles/juice.