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Dec 18, 2009 07:25 PM

Little Tokyo, Sawtelle, Thai Town Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

In which of those three eating zones (if in any of them) do Chows think restaurants will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? I'd expect that Koreatown places would mostly be closed and San Gabriel Valley Chinese restaurants mostly open, but I may not want to do that schlep. These places are generally not on Open Table, so I can't check there.

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  1. lots of places in thai town will be open. call to find out though. that's the easiest way to avoid disapointment. my favorite thai place (bua siam) is open - they are in north hollywood though.

    1. I made a reservation at Gyu-Kaku on La Cienega. They're open on Xmas eve & Xmas day. Location & availability trumped all other considerations -- I have to dash off to work nearby as soon as I finish lunch.

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        Working Christmas Day, that's grim, even if one happened to be a non-believer. I'll call places, I just wondered if there were general rules about Japanese and Thai places.

        1. re: redrover

          Yup, even the most authentic places have a largely Latino staff who would revolt on working Christmas day... def. call...