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Chowhound Restaurant LA Poll vs Huffington Post LA Poll

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The Huffington Post has posted a rip-o ... uh, poll ... based upon our own attempts to define the Ultimate L. A. Restaurant:


In all fairness they did credit us. But now they're asking their reader to take a poll on our poll. Yes, that right, go to the above link and vote (again?) on your favorite of our favorites. Theirs is an auto-tabulating poll, so the results may have changed by the time you read it, but as of my posting this message their Top 10 is:

1. Pizzeria Mozza
2. Langer's
3. Osteria Mozza
4. Jitlada
5. Urasawa
6. Providence
7. The Bazaar by José Andrés
8. Spago
9. Church & State
10. Animal

If you missed it, compare with our results:


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  1. Talk about originality ... or total lack thereof.

    1. I guess they are trying to drum up material for their Los Angeles edition that they just began. Sort of a backwards compliment.