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A decent burger....

Does it exsist anywhere on the Northshore? Ive been here for several months now and ive tried burgers from a lot of places, haven't found a good one yet. Im from the Central Texas area and a really good burger could be found within 20 miles in any direction I wanted to go. At this point im wishing for and missing like crazy, Whataburger!

Im not even going to get started on the lack of decent Tex-Mex places. Man I miss good salsa. I found Tacos and Beer in Slidell, not bad, it's the most decent stuff ive come across.

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  1. In all honesty, southeast Louisiana is not known for beef, we're known for seafood - if you like seafood perhaps you might investigate some of the restaurants serving our specialties.

    There might be more options for burgers and latin food on the south shore - maybe not up to the Texas standard you crave, but a decent approximation. There are good Mexican-Central American-South American restaurants all over town.

    1. I really like Phil's Grill in Metairie, mostly for the build-your-own-burger section on its menu. I've never had a bad burger there. They have a Northshore location, but I don't know what town it's in.

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        "I really like Phil's Grill in Metairie, mostly for the build-your-own-burger section on its menu. I've never had a bad burger there"

        we stopped going, very inconsistently cooked burgers, and the buns are undercooked and flimsy - all the different versions of burgers dilutes the menu into mediocrity

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          phil's in mandeville closed.

          bear's in mandeville makes an awesome burger.

        2. Port of Call, Bud's Broiler, Frostop, Beach Corner, Lee's. All on the South Shore. Just get in your car. Texans are used to driving long distances to get anywhere, right?

          Isn't Whataburger a chain?

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            Don't forget Buffa's too! Right across the street from Port of Call, and a better burger as far as I'm concerned.

            I do love Whataburger though, chain or not. I wish we had one.

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              At this point, chain or not, im missing it. Yep, we are used to driving, depending on how far I have to drive, might be worth it to just wait until my next trip home. LoL

              If you ever make it to central Texas here's a few places to try. Jims burgers in Clifton, TX. Decent burgers, not my favorite, but decent. Jim also does pizza, apparently pretty good although I never tried it.

              Then there is Grumps burgers in Granbury, TX. They have a location in Stephenville also. Very good burgers. Thick juicy real beef, no fillers, toasted bun with fresh veggies.

              Then of course there is Kincaids in Ft. Worth.

              I did try Lees and it was a mess. Maybe because we got them to go. They ended up being little soggy balls at the bottom of the bag. Yuck. I dont think ive ever seen a take-out burger in that "shape".

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                i am not impressed w/ Lee's - it was simply average. wont go back.

                Port Of Call is where its at for me -- dark, good jukebox, funny & friendly bartenders, interesting randoms at the bar, excellent ground sirloin meat, nice cold shredded cheddar, fresh buns, onion & lettuce, awesome potato.

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                After Katrina, Lee's reopened closer to the causeway on the other side of the street and it isn't anything near as good as the old Lee's. I've tried the new place twice and I sooooooo miss the old Lee's. It satisfied my burger-loving Texas husband every time. He always wanted to stop there on our trips to NO but after the new place, he agreed it was time to let Lee's go.

                Whataburger is not only a chain, it's a Texas institution :-) - the very best fast food burgers ever. I learned that immediately upon moving to Texas. I do still prefer something that isn't a chain though and Tx does have some darn great beef.

              3. I feel your pain, HeartSick. I moved here over a year ago and occasionally dream about good Tex-Mex, beef ribs/brisket and of course, the No. 7 Meal at Whataburger. Hang in there. It gets a little bit better over time. Try to focus on seafood and you will do better.

                As the other posters have mentioned, Phils Grill is a decent place for burgers. As for Tex-Mex, the owners of Taco San Miguel are from Houston and the Corpus Christi area. They are my favorite for TexMex in the New Orleans area. Superior Grill on St Charles is ok too.

                As for Whataburger, the familiar orange and white roof can be found in Baton Rouge. :-)

                1. Rivershack Tavern
                  Lakeview Harbor
                  sorry, both on Southshore

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                    Thanks everyone for all the recommendations.

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                      A "decent burger" is a meaningless term. Burgers are a very subjective thing. Some people like very meaty burgers, others like thin patties. Some like very soggy burgers with lots of mayo, etc,., others like burgers on dry toast. It's hard to steer you in the right direction without knowing what you like.

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                        Ok here goes...

                        First off, 100% ground beef chuck would be good. Cooked on a griddle and not a grill. Not into charcoal tasting burgers. Nice soft buns, but that are toasted and hot when youre given your burger. No thick, tough, ciabatta, or other funky type bun.

                        It would be great if they asked what I wanted on it too and only put the condiment of choice on there. Like mustard, no mayo, no ketchup. Really fresh veggies, sliced tomatoes, onion, lettuce and pickle. Other options are fine as long as the regular ole stand-bys are offered.

                        Oh and as for seasoning that beef. Salt and pepper only please. Oh and having it worked into the meat and not just sprinkled on top, that would be a bonus.

                        Good american cheese. No cheddar or other variations for me.

                        Add to that a nice side of fries, maybe crinkle cut. No funky seasonings on those either. Just salt please.

                        Oh and to be even more picky, Heinz ketchup on the table along with Tabasco and im set.

                        Hmm, I think I just described Kincaids. LoL.

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                        I might be the only one to mention it HeartSickForTX but the Rouqefort blue cheese burger I had at Yo Mam's bar and grill # 727 Saint Peter st. in the FQ was probably the best burger I've ever had! (Ducks as fellow CH'ders line up to throw the first stone.) ;)

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                          I love Yo Mama's mushroom swiss burger, but I'll have to try the roquefort next time.

                          1. re: bourbonstjoe

                            its good. am also a huge fan of the Peanut butter Bacon burger.

                            1. re: kibbles

                              Never could get myself to pull the trigger on the peanut butter burger.

                              1. re: BayouTeche

                                Yeah--I want to try it, but then I always evaluate my food choices over the preceding week and I've never been "good" enough to allow it. I usually go to Yo Mama's at the last minute, so I guess I'll have to plan ahead for that one.

                      3. Rusty Pelican in old Mandeville
                        Triple Nickel Gril in Mandeville
                        Times in Mandeville is good but not as good as the above 2.

                        1. I live in Covington and here are my favorites.
                          Bears in Mandeville, Times Grill Mandeville, Sweet Lous, Hwy 21 Covington, Zea's Covington, Calypso Cafe, Old Covington.

                          Sweet Lou's is trying to do the "build your own burger" thing like Phil's in Metairie. The burgers there are really good. Service was way off the night I was there but I will go again. I used to really like Times but for some reason their buns aren't what they use to be.

                          I hope this helps!


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                            Happens to the best of us! My buns aren't what they used to be either!

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                              I'll have to check out Sweet Lou's, sounds interesting. Tried Times Grill in Slidell and didnt care for it. Havent tried the one in Mandeville.

                            2. Go back to Texas, you are a barbarian.

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                                Oh if only! Sadly the military owns us and we are here for awhile.

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                                  Look Heartsick, Louisiana is a fine place to be. I was born in La. and lived there until I was 18. There is no place on earth like NO, nowhere. If you just relax and give it a chance, you'll see why my heart remains in southern La. Mandeville is especially beautiful. Plus you can just zip across the lake and enjoy all the finest food in the world in NO. I love burgers and have had some fine ones but the best ones I've ever had in my life were all in Louisiana. Just open your heart and give it a chance. You may one day say you are heartsick for the bayou. Until then, enjoy a Whatabeauxger


                                  1. I think this area really needs a few five guys burgers. They are mostly on east coast,but spreading rapidly. One of the best quick burgers ever...

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                                      If you like Five Guys, try Flamin' Burger on Williams in Kenner. It's a similar style, except the fries are thin-cut.

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                                        I am back in Texas visiting for the holidays....and am pleased to report that there has been at least one 5 Guys and Fries in each of the cities I have been in. :-) Hang in there, HeartSick.....even though I wouldn't hold my breath for one in New Orleans, I would bet good money that there will be one in Baton Rouge before you know it.

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                                          If Five Guys opens there it will be in Metairie long before New Orleans, just my bet on that.

                                      2. Alibi bienvile st. near Bourbon
                                        Bottom Line metairie Division and Vets
                                        (both are 24 hr places - drunk at 4am they are awesome - have not tried them sober)

                                        1. Try Mariner's Inn in Hammond- Like Port O Call and Lakeview Harbor

                                          1. Why don't go visit the Whataburger on Airline in Gonzales or the one on Siegen in Baton Rouge?

                                            1. On the Northshore, I like the Abita Brew Pub. Never had a bad burger there.

                                              1. PS- EW to the Five Guys stuff. Their fries are awesome but the burgers are beyond bland.

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                                                  They have been compared in Houston to the Mooyah burgers and that's plenty of warning for me not to bother with them.

                                                  1. Flamin' Burgers in Kenner looks like it is "modeled" after 5 guys (to put it kindly). The layout of the menu down to the checkboard boarders looks like 5 guys as well as the sacks of potatoes stacked throughout the dining area. The burger doesn't have lots of bells and whistles, but tastes like a fresh burger.

                                                    I did have a decent burger at Brewbacher's in Baton Rouge (sp?) about a week and a half ago.

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                                                      OMG..haven't thought of a Brewbacher's burger in ages. I used to alternate btw the burger and the (I cringe as I type this) fried chicken w/bacon & swiss on a toasted croissant....IIRC, honey mustard was involved somehow, too. My gallbladder hurts just thinking about it right now. Excuse me while I go off to find a Tums.

                                                    2. if you dont mind driving to Baton Rouge the Riverside Patty off of Seigen lane has an incredible burger. Don't order the double, you won't finish it. Rouls is out the box also with several locations including 1 where you may not get shot at.

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                                                        I haven't had a burger from Riverside Patty in a decade or more...the burgers used to be ridiculously huge--two people could easily split one.

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                                                          My favorite burger in town is Zea - nicely grilled, fresh dressings, and terrific bun, which can make a huge difference. With a spinach salad and a side of grits please...

                                                      2. I don't know about the Northshore, biut you don't have to go to New Orlreans to get a great burger. Try the Bottom Line on Division Street near intersection of Division and Veterans in Metairie. It's a pool and darts bar, and has fantastc burgers. Bartenders are very attentive and friendly, too.