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Dec 18, 2009 06:08 PM

Smoked Mullet Roe: nay or yay

So, I am not a native Floridian but I like to believe that I have been inaugurated into the secret realm of local Cracker cuisine with this wonderful thing called Mullet Roe. Now, mullet roe is usually tossed around in some eggs and corn meal and then fried (which is delicious by the way)... but I did a little research and found that in Italy, it is cured then grated into different dishes. I was too excited about the mullet roe to wait for curing so I smoked it at work and let me tell ya'... creamy, bright-yellow, smoky, yokey goodness. So far I have put it on crackers and cheese, on my eggs, in pasta, with cream cheese, etc.
I love knowing mullet is abundant and sustainable and even better... that they produce a delicious delicacy.
Does anyone have another culinary function for mullet roe? If so, please tell me because roe season is about to end soon.

also... I smoked the yellow/red/female roe and am a little on the rocks about the white/male roe. Has anyone cooked the white roe? and if so, how.

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  1. i wouldn't recommend the white roe, thats the male sperm.

    1. I'm most familiar with mullet roe in the form of 烏魚子 (yu yi zi), a Taiwanese/Japanese version where it's salted and dried in blocks. The end result is sliced and eaten with raw apple and/or green onion as an appetizer. It has a very rich, intense flavour that some people (including me) love, and other people really dislike, and a dense, slightly chewy texture.

      1. its mullet season here in west central Florida and my brother just brought me some fresh fileted mullet,2 large smoked mullet and a bag of white roe and yellow roe...My mother loved the white roe and she just breaded it with a corn meal mix and fried it shallow in oil...not too hot...treat it like fried oysters and it actually reminds me of fried oysters...The yellow is totally different and roll it in seasoned corn meal and fry it a little deeper but it takes longer than you might think to get it done all the way through...I was looking up cooking suggestions for it when I ran across this blog and one of them was to "par boil" the yellow roe than deep fry it and I might explore that method this time...My brother doesnt bread his at all and just pan grills it (like a hot dog.) I am from the South obviously and I rarely eat any kind of fried fish without GRITS...I like a little cocktail sauce and some fresh lemon with the roe...The fried yellow roe is delicious leftover for breakfast with cheese grits and eggs...reheat it in a toaster oven or pan grill it a little and serve it as the meat portion of your breakfast...I also hear that smoked yellow roe is great and I have some of that to sample this time too...Im sure there are fancier things to do with this delicacy but Im just too sentimentally attached to the way my mother and father cooked it to deviate much from how I first learned to love it...I also like the fact that this is a sustainable fish mentioneed earlier by "hunduranterror."