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Dec 18, 2009 04:32 PM

New diner opening in downtown Calgary

Just noticed a new place opening early 2010. Red's Diner - All day breakfast on the corner of 4 st & 15 ave sw across fron Crown & Rose.I walk by there all the time and was wondering what was going in there and now the signs are up. Great to see a new breakfast place in a location thats grreat for me :0)

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  1. I don't think anything gets me more excited than all-day breakfast...fingers crossed that its good!

    1. Across from The Rose and Crown- was this that Harp Sandwich place?

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      1. re: John Manzo

        T2R 0Y2 (from the job postings)
        North of The Rose and Crown where the little fur store (not Benzing's) used to be(?)

        1. re: John Manzo

          not sure what was there before but it had that funky pink and blue metal bench outside of it on the west side of 4th street. For some reasom I thought it was a chiropractors place but can't remember why

          1. re: cneuen

            Yep, it was indeed a chiropractor. Diner is a perfect use for that building!

        2. I was at first enjoying this new diner. I thought the ambiance was funky and fun with some interesting character. However, by the end, I was very disappointed and vowed to never return. Many things adding up but the real kicker was the expensive "just fill 'er up" coffee and the charge for refills as they just came around with a pot for everyone. Also, ordered a side of yogurt for my 3 year old (thinking it would be the $3 one on the menu) and instead was charged $8 for the kid version (which had 1/4 of an apple sliced up on the side). Left feeling like I was taken advantage of. I don't mind paying more for breakfast if I can see the value of it (such as River Cafe). In this case, I did not see the value.

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          1. re: rnsduncan

            ^^haha, wow, are you kidding me? Charging for coffee refills? and $8 for yogurt and apple slices? i'm sure Manzo will rave about this place (hehe), but from your review, i don't think i could enjoy this place for a second.

            aside from all of that, though, how was your food?

            1. re: nonlinear

              Diners are not my thing, and neither is breakfast, and I hate places that close at 4pm, so I won't be defending anything except to say that this place looks neat.

            2. re: rnsduncan

              Hmmm... I wondering if charging for the coffee refills was a mistake that your server made. I was at Red's for breakfast last week and I checked back to my receipt just now and they did not charge us for coffee refills. Either that, or they just implemented this policy recently. I had quite an enjoyable experience at Red's. I ordered the Short Rib hash with poached eggs and my dining companions had an omelette and the classic breakfast. I thought the short rib hash was quite tasty and the eggs poached just right. And I really enjoyed the cheese toast at Red's. I had a bit of the bacon from the classic breakfast and both my dc and I agreed that it was good quality bacon cooked perfectly. My other dc quite enjoyed her omelette and commented that it was one of the better omelettes she's had. We only experienced a few minor glitches. Our server had forgotten to ask how my dc wanted his eggs done for the Classic breakfast so he had to run after her to let her know. And my other dc wanted cheese toast but was served multi-grain. We let our server know and she quickly corrected it and brought her some cheese toast. All in all, it was a very good dining experience for us last week. We were served our food about 25 min after we had ordered which was pretty reasonable considering the place was packed. I would definitely go back to try some of their other menu items. I'm curious to see if their eggs benny are any good.

              1. re: miss.foodie

                Been once - didn't look to close at the bill (never have a problem paying for what I enjoy) so not sure about refill charges - but I'm sure we would have noticed as we drank a pile of coffee, love the place, love the vibe so funky! Calgary needed a great diner and we now have it! But the purpose of the comment is to warn that the one thing I didn't love was the salmon eggs benny - but I'd go back and try the other bennies in a heartbeat... maybe that's what I should do this morning....

                1. re: Backseat Food Critic

                  I've been back there a couple of times in the last while and can confirm I didn't get charged for refills on any of the occasions as well. I haven't tried the salmon eggs benny yet. I tried the 4st Benny with the spinach and artichoke and I didn't love it. I found it to be quite soggy, possibly because of the artichokes. On another occasion, I tried the traditional benny with the Canadian bacon and it is by far my favourite. I liked that the english muffin was crispy and the egg was done perfectly. Probably one of the best eggs benny I've had in Calgary... My other favourite there is the short rib hash.

              2. re: rnsduncan

                they never charge me for refile on coffee and I visited the place several time.

                Red's Diner
                1514 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0Y2, CA

              3. we went on sunday - i thought it wasn't too bad and the prices seemed reasonable (my gauge is benny for under $15) - we only got one coffee refill and didn't even think to look if we were charged for it...i would give it another go and see what the scoop is. for me the coffee cups were big enough that i can't have more anyway.

                1. It was pretty good. The eggs benny were nice but a little on the hard-poached side and the hollandaise was good but a little skimpy. It came with hash browns, nice but a little salty for me. For under $10 really cheap. We didn't have coffee so can't comment on refills - other than no refills of beer :)

                  Red's Diner
                  1514 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0Y2, CA

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                  1. re: hsk

                    oh wow, those things need WAY more hollandaise. they should be saturated in it. i bet that was one DRY breakfast.

                    1. re: hsk

                      I was there for the first time on Saturday and loved it. The music was a little loud for conversation, but the coffee was very good, service friendly and the food was good. I had the 4th St. Egg Bennies and I like my poached eggs soft and not runny (which I usually ask for and forgot to be specific) and I'd rather have a bit of very good hollandaise, than drenched in bad, starchy made from powder sauce, so this was PERFECTION. I was impressed that the English muffins were still crispy (I usually push them on the side as I'm not a fan of cardboard). My dinner companion had the traditional Eggs benny and was happy with them.