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Dec 18, 2009 04:01 PM

Place to Watch Saints / Dallas Game & Eat Dinner Sat. Night

I've been to Shoal Creek (Saints HQ) numerous times to eat and watch the games. However, there simply isn't enough room for all of the rabid Saints fans to watch the game AND chow. I'm in North Austin, but location does not matter. I've also watched one game at Sherlock's but was looking for more than the pub food there (although there is a place for that, too). Suggestions?

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  1. I won't recommend this for you since you are up north. But If I wasn't going to my friends for the game I would go Red's Porch on S. Lamar. It's huge, new with a rather expansive menu.

    1. I've heard that Mister Tramps is a great place to eat and watch games. By the name you wouldn't think.

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        Yeah - funny name, but it's British or something. I can't remember the reasoning behind the name. I've actually been twice. The owner is real nice and they have excellent food for a pub. We had some pork sliders, pizza, etc. all extremely and surprisingly well prepared.

      2. How about Cover 3 on Anderson, right by the Alamo Drafthouse Village? I'm sure they'll have that game on.