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Dec 18, 2009 02:30 PM

Converting Pancake Recipes to Waffles

There are about a million pancake recipes out there. But I want to make some waffles, darn it! Are there any special tricks when converting a pancake recipe to waffles, or can I use exactly the same recipe? (assuming we're not talking about a chunky pancake recipe with lots of bananas or blueberries or what have you.)

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  1. the only difference is the fat content. waffle recipes usually contain a bit more butter or oil than pancakes - that's what gives you the slightly airier, fluffy yet crisp waffle texture. increase the butter in your pancake batter by 1 Tbsp *per cup* of flour, and it should be about right.

    1. I wouldn't convert a pancake recipe to make use for waffles. IMO, they are totally different. A waffle made with pancake batter to me is much too soft and cake-like. A waffle is meant to be crispy on the outside with a very light airy interior. I'd just look for a waffle recipe. Alton Brown has one that you can try.

      1. We always just added an extra tablespoon or two of oil to our pancake recipe to make waffles.

        1. A trick that works for me.... separate the eggs and beat the whites to stiff peaks. Then fold them gently in at the end. Light, airy, crispy waffles! adam

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            100% agreed.
            Waffles = folded in stiff peak egg whites.

            Also, yes, use a waffle recipe instead. Um, you do have web access. You can find a few thousand in less than three seconds. Usually a little more fat and the sep egg whites is the major (needed) difference tho. You can certainly use a pancake batter for waffles, but if you are using a deep belgian iron, they will be dense and bready. If that's how you like them, then you're in business.

          2. Didn't compare ingredient to ingredient, but main diff I noticed from couple waffle recipes I tried (Test Kitchen & Mark Bittman) was to fold in whipped egg whites. I skipped this step once, & they were super heavy/dense.

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              a-ha, i didn't think to suggest this because i do it with pancakes too. but yes, whipping the egg whites and folding them in separately definitely makes for a lighter waffle.