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Dec 18, 2009 02:13 PM

One Night Only in NYC...

We're spending exactly 24 hours in NY on our way to DC for Christmas - where do we eat dinner? Though my husband's a native, the only dinners we've had on our visits for the past ten years have been relatives' choice, so we're looking forward to picking what we want...but now we don't know what that is.

-No sushi, raw bars, or some place known for wine pairings more than food (I'm pregnant)
-No Mexican, Indian or otherwise predominantly spicy
-Preferably some place that's empirically good - our relatives, who eat out in the city all the time and get bored with same ol' French or Italian, typically choose places that are more about the new experience than good food (I don't mind new, but delicious always trumps unusual in my book)
-We'd like to keep it to about $100 a person
-We're staying Murray Hill/Gramercy area, but we don't mind going up even as far as the UE or UWS if it's worth it, and all the way down to South Street

Thanks, NY chowhounders!

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  1. My current favorites are Falai, Aldea and SHO. Aldea is the closest to Murray Hill. Falai is on the LES and SHO is in the Financial District. Suggest you look at the menus and search this Board to see what you find most appealing.


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      I concur...Aldea's menu isn't the biggest to choose from especially if you are avoiding seafood.