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In need of OC Restaurant gift card suggestions

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I know...it's late in the game. I need some new and fresh ideas for OC Restaurant gift cards. I'm putting together date night packages for friends and family...movie tickets and a gift card for a nice restaurant. In the past, I've done Taps (Brea) and Roy's. I'm looking to stay away from McCormick and Schmick's and Fleming's...because they're just not very good. Does anyone have any ideas? I usually purchase $50 denominations, which I know doesn't pay for the meal entirely, but does help soften the blow.
Thanks very much and happy holidays!

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  1. Have you looked @ your local Costco? In addition to the ones you've mentioned, they sometimes carry Lucilles's (2 $50 gc for $80) and maybe others....

    1. If they like sushi, you can get gift cards for Bluefin in Newport Coast.

      1. I'm going soon, but heard good things about Mastro's. I'd like a certificate from there! Also, many places are offering things like a certain % or freebies for buying gift cards this holiday season. I believe Morton's and Ruth Chris are doing this.

        1. I know they don't open until early next year but what about Dean and Deluca?

            1. Although the website doesn't specifically say gift cards are available, I've always found Nirvana Grill in Mission Viejo to be very accommodating. Very good food, nice service - great for a date night. (I've found the goat cheese maple ice cream to be addictive!)


              1. I knew the 'Hounds wouldn't let me down. I think I'll go Mastro's or Nirvana. Never been to a Dean & Deluca before...will have to give it a go when it does open next year. Y'all are the best! Happy Holidays!