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Dec 17, 2009 11:31 PM

Restos by price range [split from SF]

Can you suggest any Chowhound SF Polls that catagorize type of food according to price range? Thanks for any leads you may have.

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  1. Chowhound does not run and "polls" of that type.

    1. The wiki has a "price range" field, but there's no standard for it so it's meaningless. If you search for $$$$ it will turn up the most expensive restaurants, but if you search for $ you'll get a mix of cheap places and not-so-cheap.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        The best way to find what you are looking for is to post a question on the SF board for what you are looking for such as this

        Cheap eats for college student

        That will winnow out the good stuff.

        I would disagree with Robert about the restaurant 'wiki' being useless. It falls in line with every other site on the web in terms of evaluating prices. There are some borders where something could be classified as $ is classified as $$, however for the most part, THAT part is reliable. Here's an example of searching for $ American Tranditional cuisine in San Francisco

        What I would warn against is taking the star rating system seriously. Primarily it is new and there is not enough accumulated data to be reliable For example, originally North Beach Restaurant had a five star rating by a tourist who got the rec from a conceirge.

        There have been a few good tips about the place based on posts on this board, but it is far from a five star experience and there are too many better restaurants that are not as expensive in the area. I'm glad the touriist enjoyed it. I'm sorry that person didn't find a great restaurant that really would have knocked their socks off.

        So don't rely on ratings. If you see something that interests you, ask on the board.

        1. re: rworange

          I didn't say the wiki is useless, only that the price ratings are meaningless since there's no standard.

          $ will find some cheap places but miss those that have no price rating, e.g. Taqueria San Jose.

          $$$$ finds most if not all of the highest-priced restaurants but also Jai Yun, where you can eat lunch for $9 or a 12-course dinner for ... is it $45 now?

          $$ and $$$ are so random as to be useless.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            The remark about prices is what I was referring to.

            Is it 100%. Nope. Neither is any place on the web. Is it maybe 90% reliable price-wise... yep.

            Yes, you can pick out some places that are oddballs like Jai Yun.

            Also, there are a few records like Taqueria San Jose.that got missed in the conversion. I could give my long useless theory on what appears to have happened with a few records, but I can't say for certain. Yes. a few got missed.

            Even doing it by hand, even using a table, the border records of $$ and $$$ are going to be dicy. Those are the most difficult. However, most of the restaurants listed as $$$ on Chow will be listed as $$$ on every restaurant website using a four-tier rating ... doesn't matter what they base it on ... total dinner, entree, whatever. Ditto with the $$

            I've been putting my own little New Year's Eve lists together with the following table which is a different evaluation that the rest of the year. since the prices are much higher for NYE dinners

            So my table is
            $ Under 50
            $$ 50 – 99
            $$$ 100 – 199
            $$$$ 200 and over

            Is the priciing usless if a dinner is $95 not $100? Or what about that place that was $49? if those were the only records you looked at you might consider the pricing assignment useless. Still, for NYE a $49 dinner is relativly $ ... especially if it has three courses and includes sparkling wine. There are always oddball things, but for the most part the pricing rating is a good general guide.

            1. re: rworange

              Egads rworange! Your table would blow me out of the water. If I saw a place that had one $ I would expect it to be under $30, not $50. And that is per person, right? That is what makes the price ratings so difficult. We have gone to restaurants where the rating was $$ and it was too expensive, but we have also gone to places where it had the $$ and it was really cheap. So it is a roll of the dice! I always go to the website to look at the menu so we aren't surprised at the pricing.

              1. re: danhole

                No, no, no

                That table was for NEW YEAR"S EVE and ONLY NEW YEARS EVE

                And on New Year's Eve finding places under $50 was a stretch.

                On any other day of the year, my own person rating is

                $ Under 30
                $$ 30 – 49
                $$$ 50 – 69
                $$$$ 70 and over

                I'm talking the whole meal generally. And as I said, I've found it covers about 90% of the places.

                There is all sort of variables. The places on the borders of each level are the most likely to be classified higher or lower. Checking the online menus is always a good idea.

      2. I've only used for NYC so not sure how it is for SF. But once you pick a neighborhood or type of food, you can then sort by price plus see the menu. I found it really helpful in Manhattan.