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Dec 18, 2009 01:41 PM


There is a 16 litre stock pot at Costco - not a Kirkland brand, but it appears to be a well made stainless steel pot. Can't think of the brand name, but it retails for $38 Cnd. Thinking of getting it, but I'm wondering if anyone else has used this pot - is it big enough to cook the carcass of a 20 lb, turkey? It looks like good quality stainless steel with a heavy gauge bottom.


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  1. The great thing about Costco is that if you're not happy with anything purchased there, they will refund your money.

    1. I believe that the brand they have is Tramontina. I have one that is 20 quart, and I think it was a great purchase. This sounds very much like mine.

      1. A 16 quart pot will be more than large enough to make stock from a 20 lb. turkey carcass. You could probably get away with less, though- 12 quart, especially since you'll want to break the carcass up a bit so it takes less water to cover.