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Dec 18, 2009 12:56 PM

Holiday Treats from Thorough Bread & Pastry or Tartine

Thorough Bread and Pastry - 248 Church St (between Market and 15th St) in San Francisco is taking orders for special holiday breads and desserts. Order (and pre-pay) by Dec 20th for pickup on Dec 23 (with orders by Dec 21 for pickups on Dec 24).

Tartine is also taking holiday bread and dessert orders. Also must order by Dec 20, with pickup Dec 24.


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  1. Forgot to mention that Thorough Bread is open Dec 24 from 7am to 7pm.

    Tartine is open until 3pm on Dec 24 (bread pickup is 1:30-3pm that day).

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    1. re: coonyham

      i just placed a pre-order over the phone and requested a pick-up time of 5:30pm on Dec 24, and was told that the bakery is only open until 5pm on xmas eve. i pointed out that their website says a closing time of 7pm on dec 24, so hopefully this will be corrected soon...

    2. I got a delicious chocolate macaron from them right before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately they sell them in plastic tubes, and it was crushed getting it out.

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      1. re: Windy

        :( was planning on giving macaron's for Christmas.....

        I wonder if there is a way to untape the tube so it opens up fully? I'll ask them when I go to place my Christmas bread and dessert order tomorrow.

        1. re: coonyham

          Use scissors. The problem is the tubes are cute for display and shipping, but the ends are too small.

        2. re: Windy

          Windy, are you talking about Through Bread or Tartine for the chocolate macaron?

          Has another tried Tartine's buche de Noel - chocolate chiffon cake & toasted almond ganache, w/ meringue mushrooms & pistachio "moss"?

          1. re: hhc

            The macaron was from Thorough. I also noticed Starbucks is selling a dozen macarons prepacked for $9.95.

            I haven't tried Tartine's buche de Noel (or anyone's), but we saw a very cute version at DeLessio's.

        3. Note last year, Tartine had absolutely no bread available for sale on 12/23 or 12/24, unless you ordered in advance. Every loaf they baked Christmas week was pretty much spoken for and paid for in advance. Order forms for this year's 12/20 deadline are available on their website.