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Dec 18, 2009 12:05 PM

Anywhere to eat in Tahoe?

Im headed up to Tahoe for new years and wanted to know if anyone had a reccomend for the drive up ro while I'm there. Last all we had was bad casino buffet food and ended up cooking most of the time. So where we would be a good medium price range dinner for two location as well as dinner for a big group ( 25)

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  1. m, this post will likely be moved to the California board where Lake Tahoe is discussed, so look for it there. Here are some past topics to get you started.

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      Thanks Melanie wasn't sure where to post it, thanks for the link

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        Have a great trip and please do let us know where you end up chowing.

    2. On the way to Tahoe at the Emigrant Gap exit, is a new restaurant named The Rustic Table. The chef is from the bay area, and only shops local, organic ingredients. Menu is varied and reasonably priced. We had Seafood Stew, Lasagne and Chicken parmesan. All were delcious and large portions.
      The atmosphere is nice and rustic, warm and inviting. We'll definitely go there again
      The Rustic Table
      43440 Laing Rd, Emigrant Gap

      1. Sounds like you're headed to South Shore. If so, try Riva Grill. It's part of the Gar Woods group and we had a terrific lunch there.

        We live at North Shore so I can't really help with South. I'm sure there must be some postings though. Have fun. Hopefully our recent big snow is going to stay and get added to.

        1. We had a great weekend brunch at Moody's Bistro (in Truckee) on the way up to Tahoe last year--depending on what day of the week you're making the trip, that could be a good option (they have lunch and dinner too, but I've only tried the brunch).

          If you're going to be on the northern side, Le Bistro (in Incline Village, on the Nevada side) is worth the trek. Surprisingly good and reasonably priced French.

          1. Not sure where you're headed, but if you'll be on the East Shore (Incline Village) has Bite, which I really enjoy.