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Dec 18, 2009 11:06 AM

pearl sugar and Belgian waffles

I went to Meinhardt and they did not have any pearl sugar. Does anyone know where I can find some in Vancouver or nearby?

Can I substitute pearl sugar with large crystal Turbinado or other large crystal sugars to make Liege Gaufres?

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  1. I bought mine at Gourmet Warehouse. In my own experiments with Liege Waffles, I found that large crystal sugar sort of works - but it didn't have the same kind of chewy crunchiness that pearl sugar provides (pearl sugar is basically clumps of fine crystal sugar). Another sub that works fairly well is roughly crushed sugar cubes.

    1. I also got pearl sugar at Gourmet Warehouse. The brand was the blue-packaged "Lars own" and was imported from Belgium. It even has a recipe for sugar waffles on the back, which turned out well. Tough cleaning of the waffle maker after though.

      1. Thanks for the source. I found them at Gourmet Warehouse as you said and I made them last night. Turned out very good. I guess they are suppose to be very dark but they don't taste burnt. I drizzled dark and white chocolate and they'll be given as gifts.

        My waffle iron is non-stick and, yes, it is time consuming to clean. I run wet paper towels through it (with a skewer and tongs) right after unplugging it and the heat helps clean it.

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          FYI, I have picked up a package of Lars Pearl Sugar at Ikea before.

        2. I bought pearl sugar from Damien's Belgian Waffles in Steveston.
          It was big size and baked very well.
          You might try for next time.