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Dec 18, 2009 11:01 AM

Cuisinart blade conundrum

Hi there.

I feel sort of silly asking this, but I'm not sure where else to turn!

Okay, I have a basic, original-style Cuisinart food processor, purchased perhaps eight or nine years ago. It came with the usual blade and two extra discs, one for grating, and one for slicing. Last week, I ordered a third blade for it: a fine grating blade. It arrived a few days ago, and...I can't figure out how to use it. The blades that came with the machine have sort of stem-like things attached to their undersides, which you then slip over the post in the middle of the processor. This new blade is just flat and there's no discernible way of hooking it up. On its underside are three metal flap/hook-type things and I wondered if there's some other part I need to make it work--a plastic stem that you somehow swivel onto the blade? But then I also wondered if my machine, which I'd thought was a timeless, eternal model, is now obsolete, and the blade simply goes with a different Cuisinart.

Does anyone know anything about this? Please help!

Many, many thanks,

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  1. The cuisinart blades are not interchangeable anymore. I presume your original purchase was a DLC-7 14 cup model. When you buy additional blades, you need to specify your model is the 14 cup. Assuming that the fine grating blade is the correct size blade for your model, you need to look at the underside of the flat thingy for an arrow on white plastic. The same arrow will be on the white plastic of the long stem part. You fit match the arrow to the arrow and twist (to the left I think...but it could be the right) and they should click into place.

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    1. re: Ambimom

      Ambimom, thanks so much for your help! It looks like mine is actually a DLC-5, which I believe holds 7 cups. There's no white plastic long stem part to which the blade could be attached, so I think I just have to send it back. Bleh. Thank you so much for your help, though.

      All my best,

      1. re: BrickLane

        I also have an old Cuisinart with fixed-stem blades. They do make blades (with detachable stems) that fit the old machines, but you have to be careful to match them by model number.

        1. re: MikeG

          Thank you! I shall send back the one I have and do as you suggest!

    2. I've never seen a Cuisinart that had stems *built in* to all the slicing/grating blades.

      See if they can get you the fine grating disc (with stem) for your machine. There's nothing like it for shredding potatoes for latkes...

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        I have a "genuinely original" Cuisinart, an RC 1. All of the original slicing/grating blades have a permanently attached stem (which makes them horribly difficult to store).

        They later introduced a few new blade types, all of which which have a partially straight and partially bent stem, also permanently attached to the blades (and even more difficult to store). None of these bent stems has ever fit particularly well, and they haven't made a blade or attachment that fits this machine in decades.

        While I've often been tempted by newer, bigger, flashier processors, my RC1 soldiers on. This silent French marvel, now in its fourth decade, has never failed me.

        1. re: embee

          I also have the original genuine RC 1 model with all the original blades minus the double-bladed knife which was replaced ~1985; the original purchase was Aug/1978.

          I agree, while I've also been tempted to upgrade, this model just keeps on going; providing full duty for my needs. I have a blade caddy which is hanging inside the door of my kitchen broom closet; within reach, out of sight and fairly easy to store the blades given their cumbersone shape.

          Given your comment about replacement blades, I gather there are no replacements for our current model, at which point I suppose we may need to give into a new model though I firmly believe they just don't make them like they used to!! I'll stick with what I have until the bitter end!

          1. re: lazysusie

            You might be surprised, I've replaced my 1984 DLC-7 blade (at Zabar's in NYC) recently. Check around.

            1. re: buttertart

              I'm in Canada and the shopping at Zabar's isn't too easy;delivery doubles the cost. Any suggestions for Cdn sites? No luck at my end. I found some blades on the Gourmet Depot Co online store and could get the order delivered to a friend in the US. I won't get the blades until one of us goes to see the other but will get it sooner or later. I think it would be worth the wait because my ol' reliable just keeps on going much to the shock of many of my friends who gave in and upgraded. It's encouraging to know that others have the same era machine; I won't give it up!!

              1. re: lazysusie

                Oh, sorry about that - I'm Canadian but have lived in the States for a long time. Hope other Canadians have ideas. I did have a great experience with Cuisinart itself once - my bowl had jammed onto the machine and I couldn't get it off for love nor money - shipped them the whole kit and caboodle with remains of bread dough still in it (!), they fixed it, cleaned it up, and shipped it back to me at no charge. That was a few years ago however. I have no intentions of giving this 1984 baby up either - others have reported finding parts on eBay, perhaps that might work for you?

        2. re: shaogo

          Shaogo, this is exactly what I ordered it for! The grating blade that comes with the Cuisinart gives you strands of potato that are just way too coarse. And I was so depressed when I realized I wouldn't be able to use it.

          Anyway, I'm going to figure out how to get a fine grating disc that actually fits my machine.

          Thank you!

            1. re: lazysusie

              ok, so I ordered two different sized french fry blades from The Gourmet Depot online store after phoning and confirming they were in stock. They arrived, safe and sound, perfectly new and I couldn't be happier - I would definitely suggest to anyone that's looking for appliance parts or supplies to look up this site! My original Cuisinart has been resurected from semi-reitrement!

        3. Okay, just for the sake of anyone else who might find this post in the future: I just went back to Amazon, to take a look at the listing for the blade, and saw that it was listed as compatible with my model processor. So I did a little research and it seems that is *is* compatible, you just need to have a detachable stem -- model number DLC139TX. I've just ordered it and am looking forward to some post-Hanukkah latkes!

          Many thanks for all your help, as always.


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          1. re: BrickLane

            I just had the same experience happen - bought the blade but had no idea how to get it to work with my DLC-5. Now I know - thanks BrickLane!