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Dec 18, 2009 09:51 AM

Good Pastrami/ Corned Beef in Broward/Dade

A bunch of us will be in Miami for Super Bowl. There is been a request to procure a decent pastrami/corned beef sandwich in Dade/ Broward as Rascal House is now a distant memory. We will be staying in Aventura, but will travel. Thanks so much.

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  1. I get my fix at Sage (Hallandale). They have very good Bagels too

    Sage Bagel Restaurant & Deli
    800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd #1, Hallandale Beach, FL

    1. I am not sure if it is exactly what you re looking for (i.e. not a deli-style), but during lunch Michael's Genuine makes one of the best pastrami sandwiches I have ever had.

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      1. re: mikek

        Thanks mikek. I have been to Michael's genuine and love it, but I have been asked to procure traditional NY deli. I have been to Sage (take-out only) and love the whitefish salad. The deli hound has been to Bagel Cove in Aventura and Sage, but is looking for something better.

        1. re: sherry f

          Sage is about as good as it gets in this area. We were there a few weeks ago and the pastrami was great. They have the best everything bagels we have had down here.

      2. If you're looking for fantastic pastrami and great corned beef you might have to head a little north to Boca. The pastrami is the best. They will also hand slice it like they do in Katz's in NYC. The corned beef is house cured also and is wonderful.

        Pastrami Queen
        7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, FL 33433

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        1. re: Alfred G

          Well, to Boca we may have to go. Katz's is the absolute benchmark, in my books. I was actually up in Boca this past Thursday and got caught driving back to Aventura early evening in that massive storm.... Scary.

          Do you have any recs for really good Challah? I need to get one this Friday which is also Christmas Day. Thanks.

          1. re: sherry f

            Actually, the challah at Publix is pretty good.

            1. re: gblcsw

              Will second the recommendation of the challah bread at Publix supermarket (Toronto bread maven wintering in Hollywood, FL).

        2. I feel your pain. Although the Rascal House (before they sold it and completely screwed it up) was the best, there is still hope! I’ve been to Sage many, many , times, and I’m not a huge fan. And as for Bagel Cove, it’s good but not my favorite . If you want the BEST corned beef and pastrami, check out Mo’s Bagels in Aventura. The pastrami and corned beef is UNREAL. I eat there whenever I visit my parents in Aventura (in fact, I ate there yesterday and had a corned beef and pastrami on rye). You will not be disappointed.

          1. Try NYs Big Apple Deli. In North Miami, right across from Costco.