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Good Pastrami/ Corned Beef in Broward/Dade

A bunch of us will be in Miami for Super Bowl. There is been a request to procure a decent pastrami/corned beef sandwich in Dade/ Broward as Rascal House is now a distant memory. We will be staying in Aventura, but will travel. Thanks so much.

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  1. I get my fix at Sage (Hallandale). They have very good Bagels too

    Sage Bagel Restaurant & Deli
    800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd #1, Hallandale Beach, FL

    1. I am not sure if it is exactly what you re looking for (i.e. not a deli-style), but during lunch Michael's Genuine makes one of the best pastrami sandwiches I have ever had.

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        Thanks mikek. I have been to Michael's genuine and love it, but I have been asked to procure traditional NY deli. I have been to Sage (take-out only) and love the whitefish salad. The deli hound has been to Bagel Cove in Aventura and Sage, but is looking for something better.

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          Sage is about as good as it gets in this area. We were there a few weeks ago and the pastrami was great. They have the best everything bagels we have had down here.

      2. If you're looking for fantastic pastrami and great corned beef you might have to head a little north to Boca. The pastrami is the best. They will also hand slice it like they do in Katz's in NYC. The corned beef is house cured also and is wonderful.

        Pastrami Queen
        7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, FL 33433

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          Well, to Boca we may have to go. Katz's is the absolute benchmark, in my books. I was actually up in Boca this past Thursday and got caught driving back to Aventura early evening in that massive storm.... Scary.

          Do you have any recs for really good Challah? I need to get one this Friday which is also Christmas Day. Thanks.

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            Actually, the challah at Publix is pretty good.

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              Will second the recommendation of the challah bread at Publix supermarket (Toronto bread maven wintering in Hollywood, FL).

        2. I feel your pain. Although the Rascal House (before they sold it and completely screwed it up) was the best, there is still hope! I’ve been to Sage many, many , times, and I’m not a huge fan. And as for Bagel Cove, it’s good but not my favorite . If you want the BEST corned beef and pastrami, check out Mo’s Bagels in Aventura. The pastrami and corned beef is UNREAL. I eat there whenever I visit my parents in Aventura (in fact, I ate there yesterday and had a corned beef and pastrami on rye). You will not be disappointed.

          1. Try NYs Big Apple Deli. In North Miami, right across from Costco.

            1. Best CB and Pastrami...plus the Reuben and Rachel are amazing...huge sandwiches...Real NY style!

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                Where exactly in North Miami is it?

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                  Well North Miami, is the part between Ft lauderdale and Miami, Its about 125th street to About 190 St. The Costco is on 145th St and Biscanyne Blvd. The stadium is around 200th St. Now if you going to the game, I heard on a local radio show that supposedly there was a NY deli inside the stadium that flies down their ingredients from NY, cant remember which one, could be Carnegie Deli. But its supposed to be tucked in a corner in the 100 Club Level, Section maybe 104 , or 140, but I cant remember the exact section #. I think the guy said it was $20 bucks for a sandwich. But ask around, maybe someone can confirm.

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                    interesting info. Any idea if they are there for Marlins games? ($20 is more than the price of Marlins games...)

                    1. re: The Chowfather

                      I heard it was the Carnegie Deli. Can anyone confirm and provide the section, Thanks

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                        not sure anyone cares besides me but Lee Klein at Newtimes answered my question (yes) here in the comment section.


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                          carnegie deli in las vegas is bad btw.

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                            From Newtimes blog
                            "There used to be hot dogs, popcorn and burgers. Now it's a beautiful Stadium with lots of new flair: Latin cuisine, open flame grills, carving stations, pulled pork smoked in-house at Everglades BBQ, CARNEGIE DELI, a more open feel and new POS system and flat screen menu boards to better our speed of service"

                            I think its supposed to be across from box 236, its nestled in a corner, you wont see it just walking by, and the sandwich is $19

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                              $19 for a pastrami sandwich??? wow most places it's 8 or 9 bucks.

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                                At SunLife, forget about a $19 pastrami and go for the Everglades BBQ pork sammich or a turkey leg which are much more reasonable for around $8. You can find this served around section 148 or 146 field level concession area. Honestly, this is really good bbq pulled off the barked butt right in front of you.

                                I do believe you have to have either club level or founders club tickets from the field to get into the club concession area. Which means you have already spent over $50 per.

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                                  Do you guys know if Carnegie and Everglades BBQ are also open during Marlins games or just Dolphins

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                      driving to Boca is definately best choice and yes Pastrami Queen is good but Ben's is better! no question they have the same home-made items that I grew up on in Long Island...Forget Mo's and the Cove is just so-so...NY deli has a decent cut, yet still not that great, so best to travel for quality-and as far as challah, agreed as far as publix is concerned but not all publix challas are the same trust me I have tried atleast 3o differnt locations...standout is ......Publix Lantana-next wellington, and then Green acres must be something in the water..LOL if in Miami then a great challah as well as great old fashioned bakery items at a bakery on Collins ave, next to Goldsteins (oh they have great chickens) at 75ish street...

                      Bagels check out Bagel Cove...but sage has better appetizing...and while BKLYN water bagel is good their concept needs help...

                      Oh and I go to the stadium all the time and never heard of a delicatessen or the like on the club level or in the stadium, hey MIA isn't nor will ever be Ebbets Field so think lechon vs. pastrami

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                        Thanks so much everyone. Auger, great tip about the sandwich at the stadium. The $20.00 for the sandwich will offset the gas to Boca if the corned beef materializes! :) . We were going to go on the Monday after the game to get my buddy his sandwich. Maybe the stadium fix will be enough. I just want to make everyone happy. We also have reservations at Bourbon Steak for the Saturday night and Prime Italian for the Monday night, so it will not be a low-cost food weekend by any means, but very yummy nonetheless . The saving grace is that there is corkage at both of these places- we have two serious wine collectors in our group.

                        We ended up getting a challah at Kosher Kingdon in Aventura. While the place was an absolute zoo on Christmas, the challah was great. I also had seen challah's at Publix in the area and they come from Anny's bakery I think. Bagel Cove bagels and whitefish are OK- we definitely preferred Sage. The Sage whitefish was less processed- chunkier. Different tastes for different folks. That's why I love Chowhound.

                        What we did like from Bagel Cove are the mini prune danish. They are gone by ten every day for takeout and are "comped" at the table if you eat in- like the old Rascal House days where my husband used to love the onion board in the morning.

                        With respect to the Boca places, I think I have been to Ben's in Manhattan years ago.

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                          Its there just do a search for Carnegie Deli and Landshark stadium, and you'll get some articles. But I just re-listened to some podcasts and its supposed to be across from box 236, its nestled in a corner, you wont see it just walking by, and the sandwich is $19. Hope this helps.

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                          I like Sage pastrami better than Mo's too. I like Sage's bagels more than Mo's and Bagel Cove

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                            I was really surprised ! the pastrami and corned beef were no better, no worse than the local TOOJAY"S maybe a bad day for the guys that were processing he meats. Of course the stuffed derma was fabulous..like any restaurants, there are good days and bad days

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                            It is right across from Costco, the Post Office or a little bit North of Target....They have great challah bread too.

                        3. Pomperdale on East Commercial Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale. WELL worth the trip!!

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                            Was there yesterday. Great corned beef, tasty pastrami, good cole slaw, mediocre potato salad, entertaining countermen, reasonable prices. Place is a trip.

                          2. I second the vote for Pomperdale's in Fort Lauderdale !!
                            (just a mile or so from the beach)
                            YES, very entertaining counterman !
                            And the cashier was so nice, as well..

                            Here's a pic of their pastrami !

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                              Thanks so much for the recs and Ellen, for the pics. The bill with the address on it by the sandwich and a storefront shot are really appreciated!

                              1. re: sherry f

                                tnx, Sherry !! I find it useful taking pics of the bills, as well....
                                helps me trace my foodie locations!! (as in "where the heck was THAT pizza from?!?"

                            2. Pomperdale's in Ft. Lauderdale

                              1. Deli Den had good Reubens but they are in the process of relocating. A little bagel shop on Broward and University called Marion's Bagels has pretty good corned beef sandwiches although I generally go there for their $3 bagel and eggs before 11AM.

                                Deli Den
                                2889 Stirling Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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                                  Has the Deli Den relocated yet? I'm coming down to the area for a meeting at the end of this month and was looking forward to going there for a stuffed cabbage roll fix.

                                  Deli Den
                                  2889 Stirling Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

                                    1. re: The Chowfather

                                      Deli Den closed again

                                      Deli Den
                                      2889 Stirling Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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                                        I'm sorry to hear that. It was crowded when I went there in September, but it was a rather tucked-away location. Well, I'm glad I got to have their cabbage rolls one last time.

                                  1. re: Asumnuthin

                                    I've read they use the same meat that is sold at Winn Dixie.

                                  2. I will have to third the nomination for the best pastrami sandwich....Pomerdale's in Fort Lauderdale....I went all the way from South Miami to get it!

                                    1. Another vote for the Pickle Barrel. Hillsboro east of I-95.

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                                        I have to third the motion of Asumnuthin and Gator FL...Pickle Barrel! I can't vouch for anything else on the menu because once I had the Pastrami sandwich, I have only ever ordered it...again...and again....and now look for excuses to drive to Deerfield Beach!

                                      2. Found some great pastrami at The Water Club in North Miami Beach. It sorta comes in the form of a Reuben and is delicious. It isn't your traditional Jewish style, but the ingredients are super fresh. The meat is smoked in house. Andrea Randazzo from Top Chef is the chef there.

                                        1. New spot for pastrami fans to check out, Josh's Deli in Surfside.

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