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Child-friendly dinner near W. 50th & 9th?

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Looking for something casual and maybe even fun for a 7- and 10-year-old in advance of a 7 p.m. show.

My only ask is that it's got some breathing room, i.e. seat backs from neighboring tables aren't up against ours.

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  1. Kids that age seem to like Vynyl. El Centro is another option. Some flaming cheese at Uncle Nick's?

    1. Mars 2112 should be fun for kids. 50th & Broadway

      1. If you're primarily interested in space (no pun intended) and kid-fun, rather than food quality, there's always Mars 2112 on Bway & 51st.

        1. I like Tulcingo del Valle

          It's a Mexican diner.

          The food is great, the waitstaff is kind to children (and other humans) and the price is RIGHT, baby!

          1. Thanks all for your suggestions. Vynl was perfect!