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Sushi Near Cedars-Sinai (3rd and Robertson)

I am going to take a group of 8 out next week for a holiday lunch, and everybody wants sushi. Any suggestions on where to go that won't bring pain to my wallet?

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  1. wokcano, sushi roku, sushi mac are the ones that are close by and come to mind. these are all around 3rd and la cienega.

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      if that sushi mac is anything like the sushi mac on sawtelle and olympic, my recommendation would be to avoid it at all costs.
      completely vile sushi there

    2. is this a duplicate thread? i replied last night but it's not here...

      anyway, my vote goes to Hirozen. very good sushi, and a bit less expensive than Roku.

      1. I can't vouch for these -- but they are local & have lunch specials: Boss Sushi on La Cienega, south of Wilshire & Haru Sushi on San Vicente, south of 3rd street. (near the Mark Goodson building & LA Paella). (Thank goodness Matsuhisa isn't open for lunch. You won't be accused of being stingy!) Good luck!

        1. Please check out Ajisai on Santa Monica Blvd and Palm in West Hollywood (across from the car wash). It is small, intimate, and the sushi chef is quite remarkable. They have a sushi lunch special that is around $14 or $15. You will have to call in advance, since they will have to move around the tables to accomodate a party your size. This is a much better value than Sushi Roku, and better quality than Sushi Mac. You can't walk from Cedars Sinai, but it is a short drive up San Vicente and just a couple of blocks East on SM Blvd.

          1. My favorite in the neighborhood is Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya on 3rd. The quality of their fish is excellent and they have a large variety of dishes. Prices are reasonable for the quality, especially for lunch. Just be warned that it's very popular and gets very crowded.

            Izaka-Ya By Katsu-Ya
            8420 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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              Second that. Izaka-ya.

              But if you need a more economical place... Sushi Mon on 3rd is not bad at all.

              1. Hirozen is best, but will be a little more expensive. If you can drive a few blocks or take a nice walk, I've really been enjoying the variety at Sushi & Kushi at Wilshire and San Vicente.

                1. I really like Hirozen. Fat Fish on Robertson just north of Melrose has very reasonable prices and is an easy walk from Cedars.

                  1. Chaya had a good sushi bento lunch special I would call and confirm it may be only avail. downtown.
                    Just outside cedars doors if you work at cedars you can walk

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                      Chaya on Alden Drive is still promoting the Bento Box lunch ($12)

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                        I think that it is to go only. I have gotten it a couple of times, and it is pretty good.

                    2. By the way, we went to Hirozen, and it was perfect for what I wanted. Thanks.