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Dec 18, 2009 08:07 AM

Help on Jamon Iberico

I just received a long desired Jamon Iberico, and was shocked to find that this arrived, labeled Jamon Iberico, but with white hooves, not the "pata negro". In Spain, I have seen these black feet on the hams hanging in the shops and restaurants, and on the hams in their carving holders. so that makes me suspect.
No word, yet, from the on-line purveyor, whom I have dealt with for many years.
Does anyone out there have any reason why an authentic Jamon Iberico might have white hooves?

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  1. Maybe a sneaky way to get by the the new tariff. Question: What do you do at the jamon store?
    Answer: Paint feet.
    Interesting, in the LATimes article linked there is a link telling of the opposite, people painting black hooves on white.

    1. One way to be sure what you have purchased is "real" Jamon Iberico, is to ask the retailer who the exporter and importer of the product was.
      According to Wikipedia (an infallible source of info:, there is only one importer and one exporter of the product.

      By the way, I have read that there is pending legislation to require importers to cut off the identifying black hoof for "sanitary reasons".

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        The labeling and advertising are form the proper importer, and listed retailer. Caveat emptor