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Dec 18, 2009 08:02 AM

Stores/bakers/butchers in Montreal

My family will be spending Christmas in Montreal, staying in a house in Port St. Charles. Can anyone recommend good nearby retail places for ingredients for meals? Bread, wine, meats are all going to be required.

We're not averse to driving to the place(s) but don't want to drive far.

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  1. I'm assuming you mean Point St. Charles which would mean that you are close to the Atwater Market which is always a fun place to shop. There is also a large grocery store across the street.

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      Whoops, yes, Point St. Charles. Thanks for the Atwater rec!

      1. re: orangebluered

        try Boucherie de Tours at Atwater Market. They never disapoint.

    2. Quite a few places in Verdun (the next neighbourhood West). Boucherie Pierre on Verdun Ave. cross street 6th Avenue has several types of housemade tortiere. baked beans as well as butcher counter. Charcuterie Viandal on d'Eglise near Verdun Ave, very good butcher. Marche Tondreau, Verdun Ave btw Egan and Osborne, fresh baked breads and many prepared marinated meats. Also a large chain grocery store on Wellington near the entrance to the Champlain Bridge- very close to Pt. St. Charles. Second Atwater Market if you don't have time to search these out.