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Dec 18, 2009 07:40 AM

Billing practice question

Hi there,

I was having lunch at the board's new favorite indian downtown, Thali (pretty inconsistent food IMHO). Here's what the menu says :

- Butter chicken, with choice of rice or nan : 7,50 $
- Rice : 2,50 $
- Nan : 1,50 $

I ordered butter chicken with rice and a extra nan. I was told by the register girl that I couldnt do that, and that as a general restaurant rule, I have to pick the cheapest side in my menu and pay for the more expensive side... So, despite argumentation (what if I just pay for the chicken + rice and decide for a nan later ?), I had to pay 10 $ instead of 9 $ i expected. No a big deal, but have you ever heard of such a rule being applied in other restaurants ?

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  1. It goes against conventional and reasonable wisdom to price extras with this policy for sure....Have i heard such stories opinion is decide how important it is for you to eat there, A dollar really isn't going to change your life .....I can only surmise what actual portions of rice and Nan are given on the dish and what is given as a side.

    Personally, outside of convenience as the only reason I would continue to patronize, i would probably find a place that was not so petty.

    1. The few dollars this restaurant earns by imposing this policy must be important to the restaurant. A policy such as this is at best confusing. At worst, it's sure to alienate some customers.

      1. I've seen similar menu tactics and all it does is serve to irritate the customers. When you feel cheated or forced to overpay, you don't want to come back.

        1. They must have realized after they had the menu printed they didn't think about this pricing structure very carefully. What I find odd is that rice is not included with the entree automatically. Is that common? The two Indian restaurants I frequent include rice with all entrees. When dining in, they will keep bringing you more if you ask at no charge. In fact one place is always pushing more rice on us so much it's become an in-joke at our house.