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Dec 18, 2009 07:31 AM

Frank Pepe: What's the deal with the random slicing?

I've now been to Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napolitana at Mohegan Sun a few times and read countless chowhound and blog posts about the place. It's great pizza, certainly the best I can get within a reasonable distance of home.

But what's the deal with the random slicing? One time the slices weren't even wedge-shaped, more like squares and rectangles. Most recently they were wedges but there seemed to be no attempt to make them anything close to a uniform size.

I've read lots of references here and elsewhere to the odd way they slice the pizza. Is there a reason for it, or is it just their "shtick" to make it unique?

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  1. Shtick? Maybe, maybe not.

    Their small pies are usually cut "traditionally," with more or less wedge-like slices.

    Their larger pies are more irregular and oblong shaped to fit the pie pans, so they make one longitudinal cut, then radiate the cuts out from that center line, once for one side, then they turn the tray around and slice the other side. This results in some slices being very long and rectangular-like, and some being very triangular and having more crust per slice surface area.

    I like to think that it gives diners a choice of more vs. less crust. :-)

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      This reminds me of the pizzas I had growing up in Manchester, CT. Always sliced into squares, so you could have crusts, no crusts, or those funny little triangles in the 4 corners. I didn't even know that pizza could be cut into wedges until we moved to the New Haven area when I was 16.....what a shock!

    2. There's a variety in the splice of their slice, because variety is the spice of life.

      1. It is what it is - whether it is a 'shtick' or not, I don't know (or care). There's always a bit of edge to hold on to, and past that, it's the pizza I'm interested in - not the shape of the slices.

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          1. I grew up in the Southern Ct area and many of the pizza places have the same approach, I love it. They slice quickly as they are usually banging out a ton of pies and speed is the name of the game. I like the option of large slice or smaller slice.

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              Mostly the large pizza's are cut into squares. its almost imposible to pick up a pie shaped slice of a large pizza,there fore the square cut style. I also believe its called chicago style cut.