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Dec 18, 2009 07:22 AM

Johnny Piancones~Long Branch

Has anyone been here? I don't know if they officially opened. They are located at the old Cask in 591 Long Branch. I could only find the above link to the place. No website.

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  1. I believe that they opened the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I love trying new places & convinced my wife & older son, that was home from college, to go on the Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend. The 3 of us were quite impressed & had plenty of leftovers to bring home. I was hesitant to write a stellar review because of fellow hounders that frown upon restaurants without websites. I'm sure that a good one will be forthcoming. I had salmon over pasta, my wife had short rib ravioli & my son had a chicken dish that I don't recall. Great value compared to new restaurants in the area & we will certainly return.

    1. same piancones as the old piancones restaurant in Bradley Beach?

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      1. it appears they now have a working website, even though the menu presentation is a little weird.
        has anyone been lately??

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          I just posted about this! I don't know how to post a link except to cut and paste. I, too, was thrown off by the online menu. Their real menu has many more offerings, plus a decent amount of specials.

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            im sorry i didnt see your review michelle, i feel stupid haha
            ill have to try it soon

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              No, no, don't feel silly! I searched Johnny Piancone's before posting but this thread didn't show up, so it was really my mistake. I hope you enjoy your meal when you go!

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                good red sauce style italian american dishes, tasty spiedini alla romana, a few more creative flourishes supplant a pretty typical yet well-executed menu. nice relaxed 10-seat bar, slow comfortable pace. miss cask a lot, but johnny piancones is a good choice, though rallo's is my preference for a similar menu and atmosphere.