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Looking for a place to have a kid friendly brunch (8 adults, 6 kids) in Boston or Cambridge

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Hi - I have family coming in for the holidays and they would like to spend a Sunday in Boston - any suggestions for a good brunch/breakfast place where children (including 3 under 2 yrs) would be welcome?


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  1. Try S+S Deli in Inman Square they have very long booths.
    Also Full Moon in Huron Village. The food's good and they have a play area for kids.

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      friendly toast - call ahead - they might take reservations for a big group. they're in kendall square.

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        I'd second the S&S. They're v. family friendly. I think they're breakfast food is fine. My son is a big fan of their blintzes.

      2. Cafe Fleuri in the financial district seems very kid-friendly, and they do a fantastic Sunday brunch. Recently when I was there they even had a guy dressed as Santa walking around, visiting tables with kids. The only downside is the price- it's probably more expensive than the other places posted.