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Dec 18, 2009 06:39 AM

Munich, Prague, Berlin for the holidays

My sister just took a job in Berlin and our family's headed out there for the holidays. We've never been to Germany before and need all the help we can get!

We're spending Christmas in Munich and NYE in Berlin, visiting Prague for a day or two in between.

Any food, restaurant, or experience suggestions? Who is open on Christmas and NYE?

Budget is flexible and we're eager to taste the best - beer halls, markets, high-end for the actual holidays -- did I read about speakeasy-style hidden restaurants?

Many thanks in advance, and happy holidays to all!

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  1. I have spent several Christmastimes in Munich and will tell you that your worst time will be Christmas eve. Almost nothing except Hofbrau and (even they close early) is open after about 5, so plan on sleeping early or attending the great Mozart mass. Christmas day many things are open. I usually go to Andechs am Dom, the restaurant outpost of one of Germany's best breweries after morning mass at the Dom before the crowds arrive. Great typical dishes and beer.

    Two more formal places I have eaten and love for Christmas eve lunch or Christmas dinner are the Konigshof Restaurant at the hotel of the same name and the Restaurant at Alois Dallmayr the upscale deli/butcher/wine shop just off the Marienplatz. Both are tough reservations but worth a try.

    1. I'd recommend going through the most recent Berlin threads (such as the one listed below "restaurants in berlin over christmas", "Berlin", etc.) so you get a better idea of what's out there.

      Then, if you have follow-up questions, we're ready to help out.

      1. Thank you both. I initially overwhelmed by all the threads but have made some headway--

        what do you think of this list for Berlin? (still working on the other 2 cities - but I much appreciate your Munich suggestions Trip Klaus!) We need to whittle this down, we have 4 nights in berlin, one of which is NYE.

        Reinstoff (in Mitte)
        Pata Negra (Mitte)
        Cookies Cream (Mitte)
        Fassbender and Rausch
        Renger-Patzsch (Schoneberg)
        Engelbecken (Charlottenburg)
        Curry 36

        And then Winterfeldmarkt and KaDeWe as well...

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          Pata Negra, much to my regret, is closed. I do hope the owner will reopen another resto in Berlin. The food was outstanding.

          I haven't been to Reinstoff, but heard very good things about it. Beware of the wine list, tho, which apparently can set you back quite a bit. (If you go, please report back!!)

          If you're looking for another place to 'wow' you, check out Shochu / Uma / Mâ @Hotel Adlon. Shochu is the very stylish bar, Uma similar to Momofuku Ko, and Mâ is The Restaurant. Asian-influenced, very creative, expensive. And some of the hottest stuff Berlin has to offer these days.

          I've only walked by Fassbender & Rausch, and have yet to try their chocolate, but it's probably worth just for their massive chocolate recreations of Berlin landmarks...

          I like Renger-Patzsch a lot -- it's very high quality food, well executed and at a very decent price. It's not outrageously hip, and I know some people who find it boring, but I've never been disappointed.

          I'd skip Vau, and, frankly, Curry 36. If you want a really GOOD currwurst, hit up Bier's Curry & Spieße, located under the S-Bahn stop Friedrichstrasse.

          Prater is only worth it in the summer, IMO.

          Winterfeldtmarkt & KaDeWe are a must. Long story short: you got a pretty fine list there!

          Guten Appetit, and make sure to let us know about your experiences.