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Dec 18, 2009 04:40 AM


I was having dinner at Chipolte in Winter Park last night and overheard a group of gilrs talking about Eat Local Week in Orlando - can any Orlando foodie give more info. Curious?

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  1. There's a little on the Slow Food Orlando site.

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    1. re: Rona Gindin

      Thank you - I appreciate the info. I would love to know more about the monthly pot lucks - I would be interested in attending the next one.

    2. Here's a little more from that website. Several restaurants are already signed up.
      Eat Local Week
      Dates: January 25-31, 2010
      Location: Participating Central Florida Dining Establishments
      Connecting, Community, Culture and Cuisine in Central Florida.
      The Orlando Chapter of Slow Food USA is working to raise awareness concerning the Slow Food Philosophy within the Central Florida community. The chapter is organizing the first Eat Local Week program in this region. The event and festivities will be held the last week of January and will take place throughout various Central Florida dining establishments from as far north as Deland, to as far south as the attractions.

      1. I love the Slow Food philosophy and have been to a few of the local pot lucks-yum! I am glad to see it gaining momentum in Central Florida. Does anyone know what restaurants are participating in the Eat Local Week?

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          1. re: Rona Gindin

            Thanks for the link. Looks like alot of my favorites are on the list. There's also a few on that I have wanted to try.

          2. re: wolfewoman

            I saw something that said their were 18 restaurants involved in the Eat Local Week. It sounds very good. I cant wait to get more information about it.

            1. re: wolfewoman

              Actually, the full list of restaurants is now online at

              I'm already getting hungry thinking about it!

              1. re: squashbegosh

                That last link isn't working for me - but you can find the list of partcipating restaurants at There's an Eat Local Week tab at the top of the page.
                As far as I know, restaurants will be offering three course prix fixe menus with each course featuring a different locally produced or grown ingredient!

                1. re: hamstercrackers

                  do you know if they are going to tell about the locally produced ingredients and how we can get them if we like what is being offered?

                  1. re: dsgirl

                    Actually I think they might. From what I hear they will try to post the farmers/artisans who are featured by these establishments, on the website.
                    I already know a couple of vendors/farmers who are participating.

            2. I just saw the list of participating restaurants and I'm wondering what Big Wheel Provisions will be offering seeing that they are not a restaurant.

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              1. re: honduranterror

                So the Primo kick-off event was amazing! The octopus was so beautiful; they braised it and pressed it into this thinly sliced piece of heaven.