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Dec 18, 2009 04:39 AM

Irish Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Cheese Shop Suggestions in Dublin

I'll be in Dublin in February and would love some suggestion for great Irish breakfast, afternoon tea and cheese shops with a heavy emphasis on domestic artisanal cheeses.


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  1. for the cheese, definitely go to Sheridan's on South Anne St. they have a great range of both Irish and continental cheeses and the staff are very helpful. Am racking my brains for a great Irish breakfast, I think the reality often falls short of the vision, if you know what I mean!!! Would love to hear anyone's suggestions.

    1. I've only been to Dublin once.. and one breakfast, so I really don't know what a great Irish breakfast consists of. My very good breakfast was at the Westin Hotel near Grafton St. It's a beautiful buffet with the most delicious smoked salmon and other goodies. But it was expensive and there are probably many other more down to earth breakfasts to be had in Dublin.

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        By "Irish Breakfast" I mean sausages, black and white pudding, bacon, fried eggs, etc.

      2. My favorite place in Dublin for afternoon tea is Keogh's Cafe, at 1 Trinity St. Great scones. The Avoca cafe on Suffolk street is also quite popular, but I prefer it for lunch than for tea.

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          We're back! Went yesterday to Keogh's. Fantastic just what we wanted. Thanks again. Maybe we'll try Avoca today.

        2. Since my last post I have been giving the question of an Irish breakfast a lot of thought. Clarkes Bakery on the Cabra Rd, Dublin 7 (122 bus goes from dame st, takes about 20 mins) is almost an institution. They do a full Irish breakfast with all the trimmings. Its not elegant, it's self-service, there will be no tourists, but its the real-deal, cheap, filling and tasty (also cholesterol laden!). A lot of gardai (cops) go there, so that might give you the idea of the sort of place it is. I really like their white pudding, also their toasted soda bread is good. Enjoy.

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            We went to Clarks today and couldn't have asked for anything more. White pudding and soda bread were our favorites too. Thanks again.

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              You're very welcome, glad you liked it. I was there myself at lunchtime!