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Dec 18, 2009 04:11 AM

Cheese Plate from Trader Joe's - i need advice

I have to make a cheese plate for Christmas Dinner. 3 hard and 3 soft. Can you provide me with you favorites from Trader Joe's? Thanks!

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  1. Where are you located? The cheeses at TJs in San Diego are not all the same as the cheeses at the Detroit TJs. A lot of local, not national, suppliers.

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        I notice differences in the cheese sections even between the 3 TJ's in my area. My favorites are Parrano, Cambozola (a cross between Gorgonzola and French triple cream), Camembert if they have it, Stilton, and any of their goat cheeses.

      2. The braided marinated mozzarella is always a hit at our parties, and looks beautiful. I'm also a big fan of their smoked gouda.

        1. Ok here is what i like and again depends where you are in the country.
          For the hard cheeses: a good sheeps milk parm( not grainy but smooth), a Smoked Guda, and any other local hard cheese. I like ones they say to leave out at room temp. My wife doesnt like them to smelly but i love them that way with a good glass of red wine.
          As for the soft cheeses: A good double or triple cream Brie, Nice Swiss, and some sort of chese with herbs like a havarti. Once you have all of that add some grapes, apple slices, pear slices and good olives.
          Every one will enjoy!!!
          Happy Holidays to all....

          1. Some of my favorites.. not sure what's available near you...

            Bavarian Beer Cheese
            English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions
            White Stilton with Mango and Ginger (my ex LOVES this)
            Fresh Mozzarella

            1. Goat milk Gouda is among my favorites that I don't often see other places. This is a soft-ish cheese, can't remember if imported or made in US somewhere. They also have a new version of this with herbs of some kind. They should also have a variety or two of Manchego (sheep milk from Spain, can be varying levels of aged and they may carry more than one), can't go wrong there, although if you need a large quantity, Costco is carrying some 1lb or so chunks at a good price. Also Dubliner (aged cheddar-like cheese from Ireland) is a big favorite of mine that they typically carry at TJ's, but same thing, big blocks at Costco. I don't know if they carry the Dubliner at TJ's here anymore.

              Favorite new-to-me is not from TJ's, though: Beemster "Santa's Choice" aka Beemster Classic the rest of the year. Best place to get is I think McGinnis Sisters where they are carrying the Santa's Choice right now. They carry Beemster Classic at some Giant Eagles, but I think it's cheaper at McGinnis. (I learned recently that they are direct importers of their own cheeses, including Parmesano Reggiano; we went to watch them crack open a new wheel a few weeks ago.) The Beemster is just an outstanding 18-month aged Dutch cheese. I won't say you must go out of the way to get it because that's going to be so subjective, but it was so good.