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Dec 18, 2009 04:08 AM

Prime rib in Chapel Hill/Durham area

Anyone know where I can buy some prime rib in the Chapel Hill/Durham area? I've finally figured out that's what I want to make for Christmas dinner, and it's probably too late to order any. I don't recall ever seeing it at Harris Teeter, Weaver Street or Whole Foods. Would Cliff's have it? I've never been there.

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  1. Cliff's probably would. Thomas & Sons Butcher Shop in Sanford would as well.

    My wife just said Food Lion has standing rib roasts on sale right now for $6.99/lb. Not sure how good they are, but it's out there.

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      Food Lion?? I would NEVER have thought to look there.

    2. Fresh Market has them, and is promoting them on sale at $6.99/lb. Way better than Food Lion.

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        Oooo, gotta swing by there and pick some up.*

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          Stopped by Fresh Market after work - they had a VERY nice looking Hereford standing rib, so I bought a couple ribs' worth. They also had a boneless seasoned variety as well. Thanks for the tip!

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            The original poster asked where one might be found. I posted the information and mentioned I wasn't sure how good they are at Food Lion.

            I went by and their quantity was limited. However, I went a couple of blocks down to the Piggly Wiggly (God forbid! I know, how lowbrow I'm sure...), and found them there. The butcher cut one about 8 lbs. for me; I prepared it over the weekend and it was wonderful. I'm actually going back on Tuesday for another one for Christmas.

          2. HT has the whole beef tenderloin on sale this week for $8.99/lb.

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              This may be my alternative if I can't find a suitable prime rib. Lobel's is selling one that's wrapped in bacon and I couldn't take my eyes off that photo, lol.

            2. Trader Joe's has its "natural" boneless prime rib for $6.99 lb.