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Dec 18, 2009 03:39 AM

Great Wall in NewHaven for dim sum xmas eve lunch- opinions?

Ok here's the deal I am hoping to score some dim sum-ish dumplings for xmas eve lunch and have heard that this place may work.

I know that the offerings in Flushing/NYC are monumentally better & often go there - but my husband is insisting on staying local. Local = within 30 minutes of Branford.

Not looking for a be-all end-all dim sum experience - really just want a few kinds of dumplings/scallion pancakes etc. No carts or ambiance necessary.

Any other ideas? I heard Sharngri -lee would be a contender BUT they would only do dim sum on a weekend.

Also - not interested in szechuan -style this go round.

Thanks for any input :)


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  1. Great Wall has a good selection of dim sum, and they actually do have the carts (although i think they only use them when it is busy)

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      Thanks for the input Eastrocker - we went today and we enjoyed it very much. Some interesting items on the menu. This go round with the kids we had excellent shrimp dumplings, shu mai, sesame balls & soy sauce pan fried noodles (which were new to us and very enjoyable). We'll definitely go back on a weekend - our waitress (who was VERY helpful) told us they'll have the carts out. Want to try the hot pot too one of these days.

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        Is this the place on Whitney Avenue near Trumbull Street, where one half is Asian grocery store and the other half is Chinese restaurant? Thanks.