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Dec 18, 2009 02:58 AM

Stockton Farmers Market

Has anyone been there, I hear Metropolitian Seafood, Happy farm chickens and ducks, produce, homemade icecream, south philly pizza and calzone, Ambrosia Foods, coffee, music, sounds like an adventure it is on 19 Bridge Street next to Phillips Fine Wine.

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  1. the hours are saturday 9-3 sunday 10-3

    1. Thanks, mombaker247. I didn't know this market was open now. Here's a list of other vendors:


      1. Bobolink cheese is also sometimes at the market. Do you know where Happy Farm is located?

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        1. re: CaviarAndCodfish

          Happy Farm is located in Kintnersville PA. Upper bucks county.

        2. Hubby and I took a nice road trip from Bergen Cty after reading this post, and a Bobolink email. Bought some late season organic cranberries, ground lamb and a boneless pork shoulder, chocolate for my mom in the hospital, and free trade coffee. In an unusual move, I passed on the Bobolink, but only because they didn't have "Frolic", my favorite. It was a great trip, but it made me wish for spring, and planting lettuce.

          1. I LOVE this farmer;s market! the seafood is awesome, the chickens are great. and there are a lot of wonderful vendors there! support your local farmers!!