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Dec 17, 2009 11:55 PM

3 days in Tokyo with non-rawfish-eater

I love sushi, my hubby would not touch it. Which fabulous (even Michelin *) sushi establishment can accommodate the both of us?

On our last trip we went to Sushi Dai, and, after an hour wait, he had anago, unagi, and tamago as his meal. We got charged the same set price for 2 - kinda a waste, no?

Should I just venture out on my own? But I think certain restaurants would not take single diner (e.g., Aronia d T)?

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  1. for sushi i think you should just venture out on your own. For michelin starred restaurants other than sushi, im sure the establishment can accomodate both of you.

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      Thanks Lucil. Guess I'll have to go to some ramen/udon/izakaya places with him, and try out Kanesaka, Daisan Harumi, and Sushi Bun on my own...Any solo diners out there in late March? ;)