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Dec 17, 2009 09:01 PM

oyster hour in Oyster Bay or elsewhere

I'd like to go get some Blue points for $1 in a funky spot. Any recs?

Mhughu from Brooklyn

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  1. Pine Island Oysters come from Oyster Bay, not Blue Points. I don't know of a single place to get quality oysters for that kind of pricing. Let me know if you find a place.

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    1. re: jpf1980

      Hey Mhughu

      I am originally from Long Island (40 years) but know reside in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

      The best oysters are to be found at Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg.

      More like 3 bucks each, but they are the freshest to be found.

      1. re: dougnash

        NYC has the oyster happy hours... Been looking for the same thing in long island... Someone has to be offering it. Anyone? lol

        1. re: wojiparu

          Yes but they're out in Mattituck (Or Greenport?), if that's not the ends of the earth to you, I'll tell you where.