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Dec 17, 2009 07:57 PM

Serving Six with a 4 lb Chicken?

I was planning to roast a 4 lb organic free-range chicken to serve 6 people total for dinner, along with substantial sides (balsamic braised brussel sprouts w/ breadcrumbs and carmelized corn with thyme) and desert. I'm worried about whether that is a big enough chicken or whether I need to make two. I was hoping to make just one (using the Thomas Keller method) just because it seems from reading the boards that making two will result in less crispy skin. Am I being unrealistic to think a 4 lb chicken will feed 6? Any yay or nay votes from experienced dinner party hosts would be appreciated!

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  1. I'm afraid that's going to result in some very skimpy portions. Your menu sounds great, but it would be a shame to not have enough chicken, especially for company.

    1. Do you plan on slicing/carving it or cutting it into pieces - as in whole thighs, breasts, wings etc.? I don't think the latter would work with 6 people. You might get away with it if you slice it and serve apps and a soup (I'm thinking along the lines of squash or carrot - some kind of root veg). But you're going to be worried about it the whole time. Have you already bought it? Can you buy a larger chicken?

      1. i think you should be alright if you do indeed have multiple sides/salads to accompany.....

        1. I would roast two and hope it was enough!!! Why embarrass/stress yourself....and your guest?


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            I agree. Two good sized chickens so each person can have at least a quarter.

          2. I'm not even sure two 4 lb. chickens would be enough for 6 people. If, for instance, everyone turned out to be white meat eaters, you'd have a problem.

            I was tempted to recommend a meat starter to supplement the lack of main course protein, but with the amount of meat you'd need, it would end up being more like a second main course that's served first.

            I'm a pretty hearty eater, but I can easily sit down and eat half a 4 lb. chicken- and that's if I'm forced to eat both white and dark meat. If I'm cooking for myself, I can go through 2/3 of the breast portion.