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Freakiest food you've eaten in Hong Kong?

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I love the show "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" and have been a fan for a few years now. What's the freakiest/strangest thing you've eaten in Hong Kong? Where's the place you ate it at?

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  1. I didn't eat them but several years ago in HK the men at the table next to ours had two rather exotic dishes. One was a plate of live dancing shrimp I was told were in wine and the next dish was monkey brain being served in the skull. At that time they were both rather bizarre but after Zimmerman I can't imagine anything being bizarre.

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      And you get to keep the bowl!

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        Gosh, I thought eating monkey's brains in HK was some urban legend.

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          Which restaurant was it?

        2. Haven't tried it myself but saw the guy next to my table eating 'cow's penis' in the 'Clear broth Beef Brisket' place in Tai-Po

          1. Check out this we site www.vimeo.com/4705
            What a great dining experience